Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #008 April 2016 Dear Reader, April already! I was hoping to get this issue out in January but Sue and I hav

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Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #008 April 2016

ChrisB thb

Dear Reader,
April already! I was hoping to get this issue out in January but Sue and I have been super busy finalizing our Chair Chi video clip and Chair Chi Plus report. The quiet week I've been promising Sue for the past 10 years of our business will have to wait - at least until I finish writing this issue :)

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi



One of the things I enjoy about working in aged care is the delightful interactions I have with residents. This is one interaction I have on a regular basis after a session at one aged care home

"How do you feel now, Betty?

"Still 49."

"Oh well, I'm determined to tip the scales and get you over to 51 out of 100!"

Betty always has a laugh at my response.




"There is one word which may

serve as a rule of practice for

all one's life -


Chair Chi Ping Pong


Yes, I feel like a ping pong ball with all the interstate travel I've done and am about to do. Just got back from Sydney running our Aged Care Chair Chi Level 1 and Level 2 workshops - that was fun.

Will soon head off to Brisbane for 2 days of onsite workshops, then another on site workshop in Sydney and then several more public workshops.

Tai Chi Tip

To help improve your Tai Chi form practice one posture from the form each day - 8 repetitions, both sides and also an application from that posture.

Chair Chi Updates


New components for: Level Two - Pain Management; Level Three - Anxiety, Sleep, Depression and complimentary mentoring session

Level 3 workshops scheduled for November 28,29 Melbourne - 50% discount for interstaters to assist in travel and accommdation (once only offer)

Coming up: Interstate public workshops - Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston. Vic country public workshops: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Sale, Horsham, Echuca, Mildura.

Short video clip produced - publicly available once we finalise permission

Chair Chi Plus report completed - awaiting final approval.

If you'd like any more information or have questions about the above, contact me!