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▪ News from Makutsi
▪ Let's talk about camp
▪ Let's talk food
▪ Animals in camp
▪ Cheetah metapupulation meeting
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News from Makutsi
Let's talk about camp
Let's talk food
Animals in camp
Cheetah metapupulation meeting
Guest Photos

News from Makutsi

Greeting from a very unexpectedly "peaceful and relaxing” Makutsi!

Covid-19 has affected us all, and just like everyone else, we are adapting to this new way of life as best we can. Although change can be very good, it is also nice to keep some things "as they were", and with this E-Drums Newsletter we like to just keep you informed as per usual on what is happening at Makutsi.

As you are probably well aware, we had to close Makutsi to our guests, and send all non-critical staff home to be able to self-quarantine during the lockdown in South Africa. We are waiting anxiously for the day that we are able to re-open our gates again, and welcome you all back “home”.

As sad as it is for all of us, nature and its wildlife is taking a well deserved break.

During this time of isolation, our anti-poaching team is still working day and night to protect our precious wildlife. Our farming team is working hard on our vegetable production and taking care of our cattle, in order to keep producing as much as possible to support as many as possible.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-13 at 13.05.10
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-13 at 13.05.26
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-13 at 11.04.22
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-13 at 13.00.59

The future is uncertain, and until we know more we will have to go through some tough times. Tough times make tough people, and we are optimistic that once the dust settles we will come out stronger and ready yet again.

Until then, we are happy to send you some updates from Makutsi, to remind you of your little African family, and to send you some positive vibes.

Rhino family
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Let's talk about camp

In March 2020 we began the construction of a second River Lapa. The location is to the left of the original Lapa (between the original Lapa and the Tennis Court).

Once this second Lapa is finished, we can start work on repairing and improving the original Lapa. Once work on both has been finalised, we will have more space and flexibility for all our guests.

The sitting area of the new Lapa will be raised (the bricks that you see in the last image will be the floor height), allowing for a better view of the Makutsi River, and keeping the Lapa safe and dry in times of floods and heavy rains.

So keep your bags packed please, once we all are able to travel again, we will have some nice new surprises waiting for you :)

Lapa 2
Lapa 4
Lapa 3
Lapa 1
lapa 5
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Let's talk food

Christmas time is one of our favourite times of year. The warmth of the lowveldt, the sound of cicadas, the balmy nights, the smell after a rain shower...and of course….the food!

Heike and her team take a lot of time and care to create a bag of home made cookies for every guest….. Local specialties and family secret recipes are among these delights.

The Lapa was converted into a “sunset restaurant” on the lake for Christmas Eve dinner. It may not feel like the cold and dark European Christmas some of us know… but nothing beats a decorated tree plucked from the African Bush.

xmas 13
xmas 5
xmas 2
xmas 11
xmas 12
xmas 10
xmas 3
xmas 9
xmas 1
xmas 4

New Years Eve, we celebrated another fabulous year in the bush with 60 guests. The evening started with a little safari on the way to Tented Camp, where our guests were welcomed by a bush cocktail and some local canapés.

new year 4
new year 1
new year 3

Another sweet day in the kitchen is of course Valentines Day. This year the kitchen had fun backing up some delights...

Valentines cookies
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Animals in camp

One memorable experience for guests is the wildlife in camp. On a daily basis guests can see the resident Warthogs, Bushbuck and Nyala roaming around camp. Most of the action happens in the night when there is no movement in camp, and the wildlife travel through camp. But every now and then some predators venture into camp in the daytime, in search of food. On this one day, the 2 male cheetahs caught some food… in the middle of the day in camp!

Cheetah in camp
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Annual Cheetah Metapopulation meeting

We had the honour of hosting the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) annual Cheetah metapopulation meeting at Makutsi. We welcomed professionals and fellow lodge owners of Limpopo Province to the lodge to discuss the future and planning of the Cheetah Rehabilitation program. We were able to use our newly renovated Family Rondavel at the river for this occasion.

rondavel 1
ewt buffet
ewt buffet 2
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Guest Photos

As always, we love to share some images taken by guests during their stay at Makutsi...as it's the images that tell the best stories....so without further ado, please enjoy these wonderful images taken by Peter Wenger.

Peter, thank you so much for sharing!

2019-10-28 00021

Lions on safari

2019-10-29 00029

Rhinos play-fighting

2019-11-01 00009

Njala bull shadow-fighting

2019-11-02 00039

Giraffe drinking at Makutsi Hippo Hide

2019-11-02 00057

Makutsi River Lapa

2019-11-03 00002

Giraffe visiting Makutsi Main Camp

2019-11-04 00008

Croc enjoying a snack

2019-11-08 00029

Heli Patrol flight

2019-11-10 00001

Waterhole activity from Makutsi Tented Camp

2019-11-14 00001

Safari time

2019-11-14 00023

Baby elephant

2019-11-15 00002

Lions on a giraffe kill

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Thank you very much for your time, and for being a loyal subscriber to our
E-Drums Newsletter. We hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter period, and managed to spend some extra time with their direct family, and maybe some video time with the families further away.

We will continue sending regular updates via our Facebook and Instagram accounts...just because we don't have any guests does not mean there is no action on Makutsi. We hope that you check in to follow our updates regularly, and that they bring you some pleasure.

We will continue doing everything we can to keep Makutsi sustainable and ready, so that once we are allowed to open our gates again, we will be able to welcome back as many of our loyal guests as possible.

Warmest regards from all your Makutsi Family, and please - stay healthy and keep strong!

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