October 15, 2020

Kindness Matters

The election season is upon us and has been for awhile now. As it gets closer, I can feel the tension rising. If you are affected by this negative energy, this letter gives you a few things I do to stay positive. First, I do what I can to stay out of the fray of bashing and hating. Second, I focus on and talk about what I want. Third, I look for and do acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness remind me that we are all human beings, doing our best and we really do not want to fight or be mean. People, like animals, fight when they feel pushed or cornered. People also, really enjoy doing kind things for each other. I have made it a habit to seek out the publication of these acts of kindness. One example of a huge act of kindness is a story I heard on the radio. The station featured a story of a young couple that created a Go Fund Me page for their 89 year old pizza delivery man. One day they asked him why he was delivering pizza. He told them he had to get this job because he could not pay his bills. They raised $12,000 for him! He was floored. Please note - not all acts of kindness have to be any where near this big. They could be as simple as holding a door open, letting someone in front of you in the grocery line or buy someone a cup of coffee.

Another thing I do is listen to uplifting and inspirational music. I am blessed with having a community of extremely talented people that compose and sing great music! I have included one such song. Award-Winning Composer, David Friedman, wrote a wonderful song called "We Can Be Kind". (He also published a book with the same title.) This is only one of his inspirational and moving songs. Click the link below to watch the video and listen to this beautiful song being sung by the amazing Christina Connors!

To listen click here.

As I said last month, we will get through this together, but it will be a much better journey if we remember to be kind.

For more of David's music or any of his books, you can email him directly at: DavidFriedmancomposer@gmail.com.

Click here if you would like to hear more of Christina's music and see how she is making a difference in the world.

Offerings for Awareness & Transformation


Virtual Services

Many companies are still not back to the office so On-Site Chair Massage is not the solution for stress reduction these days. Since so many employees are not going back to the office yet, we have found another way to serve many of our clients.

According to Brene Brown, human emotions researcher, professor and author, there are two irreducible things people get out of going to work, connection and a sense of belonging. Our virtual services address these plus stress reduction and self-care.

TLC has created virtual sessions of Self-care and Resilience AND chair massage for couples or housemates. The intention of these virtual sessions is to help participants get relief from the stresses of sitting at computers and other devices for hours at a time. Also, it creates a sense of connection when many people from the office are together in a virtual session.


Are you living the life of your dreams?

Spiritual Enrichment as practical spirituality - These are one on one private virtual sessions to help change your life! With the near publication of my book, "From Stressed to Blessed", I am being called to add to the services I provide to help people live happy, productive lives from a place of their/our essence. You can read more on Total-balance Life Choice - see link below.

Virtual Massage Sessions: $16 for Individuals and $60 for Partners/Couples.
Virtual Spiritual Enrichment - From Stressed to Blessed: $60 for 30-minutes and $90 for 60-minutes

You can sign-up for these services on our website. I will send you the Zoom link once I receive your payment.

To register and pay for a session please Click Here.

Sunday Talks

Sunday, October 18 at 10:30, I will be giving the talk at Unity Center of Norwalk. Click here to join me.

Sunday, October 18, the talk is titled:

The Four Agreements - Part 1

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