12 things to keep in mind when going to work on set

▪ Be on time
▪ Be early ****
▪ Check in with AD
▪ Go to your trailer
▪ Don't complain
▪ Don't be difficult
▪ Be grateful you're working
▪ Don't eat heavily on lunch
▪ Keep your phone in your trailer
▪ Be nice to everyone
▪ Sign out with the AD
▪ Get out fast, don't waste people's time.
▪ Come back tomorrow:)****
Be on time
Be early ****
Check in with AD
Go to your trailer
Don't complain
Don't be difficult
Be grateful you're working
Don't eat heavily on lunch
Keep your phone in your trailer
Be nice to everyone
Sign out with the AD
Get out fast, don't waste people's time.
Come back tomorrow:)****

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Alza student Alex Ozerov on the set of The Americans

"I started training years ago at Alza Acting Studio. I landed my first film in 2012 called Blackbird which had its world premiere at TIFF winning multiple awards. Since then I have been working non-stop. This just goes to say that I owe my current success to Alza Acting Studio and Walter Alza for building the confidence in myself." Read more
- Alex Ozerov (The Americans Co Star, Lead actor Bitten)

PICS from a commercial that is on air and Trevor on set last week-

I booked last week directly after class!!! I'm so grateful for this new and wonderful opportunity to be a lead in an Indie film with film festival ambitions.
This studio, without this studio, well there is no without this studio therefore I cannot thank the faculty; Tim Dean, and my peers enough and ofcourse, the one who taught me to believe; and continues to, Walter Alza. Thank you Sir, for giving, and truly caring.
There's no coincidence in this booking and my returning to class... this studio pays off!... "IF ... you put the work" - (Walter Alza) and although I'm still early on my work there is no doubting, "hard work pays off" -W.A. Trevor Ketcheson


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Over the last few months I have grown and learned quite a lot from Walter Alza and the entire studio staff. So much that after taking *The Blueprint for Success private with Walter Alza*I was able to land severaI parts in film and web Series and signed with one of the top agencies in Canada. A Big Thank you to Walter Alza and the Alza team! Emeka

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