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The Light Still Shines

August. For us in Colorado, August means never knowing whether to leave the windows up or down when we leave the car.

August 1st is Lughnasdah or Lammas - the first harvest - the harvest of the fruits. A fun - the sun is still shining, the light is beautiful and we're not really thinking about the quietness of winter yet - kind of harvest.

Even for those who have to start heading back to school, who start looking toward a less relaxed time, the light is still there when the work day is over. There are still cookouts and running through the green grass and water park days.

Life is cycling. It always does.
Winter is coming - it always is.
But right now, the light is still shining. And we can enjoy every warm golden moment.


New Horizons Sale

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20% off Store Wide

Have you been waiting for something to go on sale? Well, now it has!

This month we are celebrating New Horizons - new adventures, new mountains to climb.

Which means 'most everything in the store is on sale!

lab plus

Many items, like these, are 20% off!

bumper sitckers

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Premier Psychic

Connie Stahl, Spirit Wise' owner, is a hereditary clairvoyant and clairaudient reader, as well as High Priestess in her local coven.

Connie is currently available at Spirit Wise Thursday through Monday, from 1pm - 5pm. She is also available for private functions and private tarot tutoring.

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Tim Christner


Brennan Healing

Tim Christner completed 4 years of training at the Barbara Brennan* School of healing, a world famous college in Miami with locations also in Europe and Japan.

Going beyond Reiki, this system of healing

can help to relieve pain, clear stagnant energy and past life debris, and give you back more of your “authentic” self.

The Human Energy Field contains 7 levels and 4 dimensions; the Physical, the Aura, the Hara (your level of intention) and the Core Star (your Divine Essence). "My education and innate ability allows me to bring all of these into balance for a total healing experience. This work can help you feel refreshed and more like yourself again!"

Feeling Tired? Feeling Stuck?

Do you have pain in your body?

Why not try a powerful Energy Healing?

To schedule a session, call Tim Christner at 720-254-0815 or email: tclighthealing@gmail.com (Rates are $75.00 per hour)

Morning and evening appointments are available to meet your scheduling needs.

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sampson 617 1

Sampson - Energy Work

Sampson is available for adoration during most business hours, and sometimes provides assistance in finding that perfect item. (When he feels like it, of course.)

And yes, he will root through your purse to learn all about you. If you are abuzz, he could help ground you. And of course, he can tell you all the secrets of the universe.

He won't. But he could.

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canyon city

More Sales

Sampson is NOT 20% off. But...

Items on these two shelves are

$5 each, or 3 for $12


Tree: Duir/Oak
Letter: D
Bird: Froen/Wren
Color: Dub/Black


Often in magic, in manifesting, in many forms of creativity, it takes a breath after the frantic activity for things to settle, to become.

In June we explored Duir, the Ogham for Oak, but it turned up again as the card for August. So let us look deeper into it.

Oak is being stepfast and balanced, learning and growing.

Oak is also about being connected to the spiritual.

Everything can be spiritual, if we allow ourselves to take the moment, take the breath, and be ALL of what is going on around us. Including being that waiting moment before creation is actualized.

It is common to fill our waiting time with checking emails and making lists about things to do. It is easy to light the candle, say the prayer, put our intention out into the world, check that off the list, and move onto the next thing.

But the moment of becoming, of being, is not in the action, it is after the action. It is the breath while things join and connect and agree to become on a spiritual level.

So this month, as we go through our transformations and transitions, as we work from task to task, let us pause with Oak and take a moment.

Allow the moment after the action to be its own moment.

Allow the waiting to be part of the manifestation.

Allow a moment to be realized as begun or in process or completed.

Take a breath.

And then, step through the doorway to the next moment.

May all our moments be magical!

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lab plus

20% off

stones, jewelry
also incense, oils, candles
also clothing


August 1st (Wed) LUGHNASADH

Aug 11 (Sat): New Moon - 3:59 am *
AUG 19 (Sun): DIVINATION EXCHANGE 12:30 - 2:30 pm
Aug 22 (Thu): sun enters Virgo - 10:09 pm *+
Aug 26 (Sun) : Full Moon -5:57 am *

Please connect with us on FB or Twitter for updates on events, and store hours!

Most astrological information is from Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner (Paulie Rainbow). some info from cafeastrology.com


Detoxing from this Reality

Aug 11 1 - 3 pm

Join Amber Zeta, change agent and transformation coach, in an interactive course on techniques for detoxing. Detoxing is more than a trendy fad, but rather an echo of ancient practices humans have used to clear their minds, bodies, spirits, and emotional landscapes.

Has city life got you weighed down? The pollution, the noise, constant conflicts, and social unrest and more burdens you would rather not have? Modern life may offer many conveniences, but at what price to you, your sweet vessel, and your life?

What does it mean to detox? And what can purification methods do for you? From meditation to salt therapy (halotherapy), learn about the various methods to reshape your destiny.

If you desire greater health, wealth, and joy, this is the course for you. Come with an open mind and learn to release yourself from years of baggage and harm with total ease.

A $22 investment in you!


Amber Zeta is a mythologist, change agent, and healer to the hearers. She has been a practicing witch for eighteen years, devoting herself the eclectic pagan path. Open to all healing and energy modalities, she comes from a rich background in metaphysics. She enjoys teaching all things related to Goddess mythology and is the creatrix of the annual Dark Goddess Festival.

divination exchange

Divination Exchange

Sunday, Aug 19
12:30 - 2:30 pm

Let's Play with the Future!

Come and exchange energy work with other practitioners. Readings usually last 15 - 30 minutes each, so please arrive by 2 to give and receive.

Any modality, any experience level.

All Welcome

hosted by Lila please bring your own tools

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beauty 1
Wall of life

...statues and plaques
also lights and pendulums
and of course tapestries

20% off



Bloodstone, interestingly, does not always have red in it, especially in the smaller pieces. But most of us recognize it by its green base with red specks.

Bloodstone (also known as heliotrope)
is a variety of quartz, and has the properties of chalcedony, but it specializes in the heart chakra - helping with centering and grounding the heart energy.

Bloodstone is a stone of courage, guiding one "to accept the change in energy fields, and to recognize the beneficial aspects of turmoil prior to perfection." Obviously a fabulous stone for all this change and transformation we're undergoing, being a partner in calmly facing and moving forward through the changes.

Naturally, being green and about blood, it is a healing stone. It can be used to cleanse and purify the blood, nuetralize toxins, and (obviously, right?) help regulate the flow of blood.

Bloodstone vibrates to the number 4.
It is a good stone for Aries, Pisces, and Libra.

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Yes, we're part of the horizon sale too!

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We have a collection of rare, out of print, and HIGHLY collectable cards. Because of their high value, these cards are not on display. All cards are in wonderful condition! Please call Connie at 303-790-2974 for more information or to view a specific deck.

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Ask us about our rare and collectible used books, too!

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