News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 116 March 2015 Dear Reader, Along with various resources and inspiration bits in this issue, we're sharing de


News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 116 March 2015


Dear Reader,

Along with various resources and inspiration bits in this issue, we're sharing details of some workshops and events offered by Starlink readers, as well as our own 2015 public workshop offerings.

We hope you'll find something to snip that you find is useful or brings you a smile!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Innovative Resources: Strength-Focused Workshops


St Luke's Innovative Resources is offering a range of exciting workshops in 2015.
* Introduction to the Strengths Approach
* Strengths Approach to Supervision
* Gender Fairness
* Facilitation Daze
* Girltopia
* Tools of the Trade
* The Literary Therapist

For more information about their public offerings and a full list of dates and locations, see their website.

All workshops are also offered on site - email Innovative Resources for more information.

Aged Care Resources


The Australian Aged Care site has a wealth of resources for the sector. You can search for facilities or carers, check out the Understanding Aged Care guide or browse their section [About Dementia].(

The Box 'n' Dice website provides a wide range of Aged Care Activities and Resources for Seniors living in Aged Care Facilities, Retirement Villages and at Home with Assistance. You can browse their catalogue for products of interest, or purchase an annual subcription to their large print "Snippets" newsletter.

Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) has produced In Their Shoes. This inexpensive training resources for new and existing staff considers the individuality and diversity of older people in residential aged care facilities and what this means for the way in which care is provided. A wide range of issues are raised and illustrated with case studies to encourage discussion. It also includes a "For You to Find Out" section, so that carers are aware of their organisation's policies and procedures on specific issues.

BJ Seminars International Workshops 2015

In 2015 we're offering workshops in Bendigo, Sale, Shepparton, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide on the dates indicated below. All are $352 (incl GST) or $319 (incl GST) at the Early Bird rate. Early Bird deadlines vary, depending on the workshop date. (See the cut off dates for those in our full Program Schedule.) Click on the images below for more information about each program.


Chair Chi Lvl 1
Bendigo 13/04
Sale 01/06
Shepp. 15/06
Melb. 22/06
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry
Bendigo 13/04
Sale 01/06
Shepparton 15/06
Melb. 22/06
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


Chair Chi Lvl 2
Bendigo 14/04
Sale 02/06
Shepp. 16/06
Melb. 23/06
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11


Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®
Bendigo 14/04
Sale 02/06
Shepparton 16/06
Melb. 23/06
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11

We All Fit


A collaboration between Good Friend and hip hop group The Figureheads, this video is well worth watching! A testament to the importance of encouraging kids to accept differences, it's a great resource with excellent music and lyrics.

Magical things happen when you encourage friendships between students of different abilities! Nonprofit organization Good Friend has been devoted to creating autism awareness, teaching acceptance of differences, and fostering empathy for students with ASD among their typically-developing peers since 2007.

Watch We All Fit

Non-Profit Leadership


The Ivey Business Journal has an interesting article: Profiling the Non-Profit Leader of Tomorrow.

The author, Jean Crawford, conducted research to identify the type of leader nonprofit organizations will need in the future. A major finding is that the nonprofit leader of tomorrow must demonstrate a melding of private sector business acumen and traditional nonprofit attributes. This article provides a summary of the findings and presents a new leadership profile and model.

Perhaps this overall conclusion is hardly surprising - but the full article is worth reading including the full list 7 competencies, 5 personality traits and 3 areas of expertise and knowledge that Crawford has identified.

Out and About on the Web


Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places




Social Media & The Spiral of Silence


10 Essential PR Tips

ABCD and Art of Hosting Workshops


This two-day training program will be taking place in Shepparton (VIC) on 14-15 April and and in Whittlesea (VIC) on 20-12 April.

You'll learn how to approach Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), a powerful approach to community work that focuses on discovering and mobilising the resources already present in a community. And from the Art of Hosting sement you'll discover powerful ways to implement ABCD, learn skills for hosting group processes and how to form “good” questions, explore group dynamics and consider how to plan, introduce & debrief exercises using questions that matter

Faciltators are Dee Brooks, Director of Jeder Institute and Michelle Dunscombe of Madconsulting, both of whom are highly experienced and energetic presenters. You'll not only learn a great deal from them in the two days, but have fun doing so!

For more information, as well as download flyers and register, visit the Jeder Institute website

Resources for Teachers


Bridging the ADHD Gap


Inside ADHD

apple and books

Inclusive Schools Network



Complexity Tools and Methods


This one-day workshop will be taking place in South Yarra, Melbourne, on Friday 8 May.

It is designed for people addressing complex challenges such as improving health, educational attainment, employment, climate change, crime and recidivism rates, developing new business markets or changing organisational culture.

Based on complexity principles, the tools and methods in this workshop are specifically designed for working with complex issues, multiple stakeholders and differing perspectives.

Facilitators are Laurel Sutton and Ian Smith, both accredited and highly experienced Cognitive Edge practitioners.

Download the flyer for more information and how to register.

Early Childhood Flexibility Practices and Patterns

early childood

Early Childhood Australia conducted research on flexible practices and patterns across the early childhood sector. Its purpose was to identify innovative flexible practices being delivered by the early childhood sector, examine how flexible services operate and function and identify barriers restricting current operators being able to increase flexibility for families.

Read more on their website and download the report.

Just For Fun


A few witty 'oldies but goldies' to make you smile. :)

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
He who hesitates is probably right.
No one is listening until you make a mistake.
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

From Our Blog

Dates for Your Diary


Visit our Events Calendarto find details of conferences, workshops, training opportunities, exhibitions and special days to celebrate!

The coming month has some exciting events .. other than our own workshops of course. For example, still to come in March are National Playgroup Week, Run for Kids and the Community Forum 2015 on Aging - covering the full lifespan really! And don't forget Earth Hour on 28 March. We also think Creativity and Innovation Week in April should be a great prompt to move into more unknown waters with whatever projects or ventures you are undertaking.

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