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March 2015 || issue #31
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Spring Program Signup

Program begins week of April 20 and continues through the end of July.

The program provides a training schedule that includes a weekly onsite session with Coach Braz, plus secondary workouts and long runs.

You also may choose the "email-only" option to receive all of the training guidelines, based on your goal, level, and availability to train. You may execute the week's primary workout at a site convenient to you.

There also are limited openings available for the Personal Coaching model with Coach Braz. Go to this link for information about GTD coaching options.

Go to Sign-Up Steps for details about the Spring Program.
Go to Sign-Up Form to register.

Marathon Program Change

Beginning in April, the GTD Personal Coaching model (program 2) will be used for all marathon training programs. The Seasonal Coaching model (program 1) will be available for maintenance training and for runners with goals other than a marathon.

Coach Braz explains -

GTD: Why the change?
Coach Braz: A marathon program should be 16-20 months of specific discipline training that includes daily adjustments, when applicable, and an updated progressive weekly outline every 7 days. A Seasonal training outline does not provide those specific services and adjustments.

GTD: What kind of adjustments?
Coach Braz: The marathon training journey will encounter unexpected challenges from personal priorities such as work, family, injuries and other obstacles that occur daily and weekly. In addition to training adjustments, consultations on lingering soreness and injuries are very important to the success of the training and peaking. The Personal Coaching model allows me to adjust your training constantly to accommodate your life and keep you on track to your marathon goal. In contrast, the Seasonal model gives you a 15-week outline with no adjustments.

Personal Coaching (Program 2)

You may sign up for Personal Coaching at any time. Go to the Program Options page for information about Personal Coaching, or contact us.

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Cross-Country Sign-up

The Cross-Country program begins on June 22 with two weeks of prep conditioning.

The 1st of 18 onsite training sessions is on Monday, July 6.
Sign-up is now available.

Go to the GTD Cross-Country page for more information and to register.

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North Shore Speed & Conditioning athletes and staff take the ALS Challenge

Speed & Conditioning Sign-up

Registration is open for this summer's Speed & Conditioning programs.

North Shore Program in Peabody

2 Weeks Offsite Prep
► June 29 -- July 12
5 Weeks Onsite Training Program (15 onsite training days)
► July 13 -- August 16

Onsite Training Days
Monday + Wednesday + Friday
9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

More information -- All Sports [North Shore]
Registration Form

Merrimack Program in Andover

10 Week Onsite Program
Monday evenings, 6pm -- 7:15pm
June 8, 15, 22, 29
July 6, 13, 20, 27
August 3, 10

More information -- All Sports [Merrimack]
Registration Form


Victoria Holleran

Victoria Holleran is a seventh grader at St Johns School in Peabody. In the fall, her cross-country team came in first in the Catholic Middle School League Meet and tenth at the State Middle School Meet. There were about 50 girls and boys on the St Johns cross-country teams, and about 60% of them trained in the GTD summer program. The Boys and Girls teams each won their conference championship, with seven girls moving on, as a team, to States.

When she's not going to school or running, Victoria does community service all winter and spring in Peabody's Challenger program, working with Special needs young people. In the summer, Victoria is an assistant coach in the GTD Speed & Conditioning program in Andover, working with the younger age groups.

GTD: Victoria, last summer you were in the GTD Cross-Country Conditioning Program. Before that, how many summers did you do the Speed & Conditioning program?
Victoria: I did the speed and conditioning program for two years before doing the XC program.

GTD: Why did you switch to the XC program?
Victoria: I switched to the XC program because as the year progressed I realized running came natural and that there was really no point of doing the speed and conditioning program if I was going to focus on running. This was a rather minor reason for doing the XC program, but XC is also my next season after the camp so it gets me ready as well as excited for the season to come.

GTD: What was different about the programs?
Victoria: The difference is that in the XC program we focus more on distances. In the speed and conditioning program the focus is more on short distances with reps. Also the coaching styles are very different because of the difference in activity in the XC program; the coaches can be a little more laid back than the speed and conditioning program coaches.

GTD: Each day of the program is a bit different, and the drills become progressively more challenging, week to week. There are cones, hurdles, rope ladders – you’re running, jumping, moving sideways, straight ahead and backward. And there’s core work. What drill or drills do you like the most, and why? Which ones don’t you like, and why?
Victoria: Quite honestly I liked all of them and there was not one that I disliked. Sure, they can be painful and most of them are, but all that they do is help you in different areas of your racing. Also I couldn’t choose to dislike any of the drills because it would affect how I race and the outcome of the race.

GTD: Can you name 2 or 3 advantages you gain over your competition by doing the program?
Victoria: One advantage I get from doing the camp is definitely bursts, which really help me to get by someone in a race, whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end The two other advantages that really help are quickness and agility. I definitely gained a lot more of those by doing the XC program.

GTD: Tell us some highlights of your XC racing last fall.
Victoria: Well, last fall's XC season was my best so I have a lot of highlights, but I’ll just share a few. One that came pretty early in the season was winning a dual meet with the other team being our biggest rival. The next two highlights are much later in the season and they are the league and state meets. For our league meet I came in ninth place with a personal best from the year before, with significant improvement. The state meet for me I would say was the biggest achievement of the year. I medaled for my team, coming in twenty-fifth; it was a huge achievement for me and I still cannot believe it even though it was many months ago.

GTD: Any winter and spring sports?
Victoria: For winter and spring sports I play basketball and soccer. I wouldn’t give up my training for the world so I also train year round. Basketball and soccer don’t really keep me in shape, they could if they had to but I would be nowhere without my training. Besides what Coach Braz always says is that they are just games -- the only real sport is running.

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Victoria (in orange) with some of her cross-country program group.


Summer Training = Winter Success

Many of the athletes who trained in the GTD cross-country and all-sports speed & conditioning programs last summer continued to have great success in their winter sports. Among them was Emily DeMarco, who re-wrote the Ipswich HS winter track record book.
Emily reports -- It was amazing being able to break three records in Ipswich. The mile and the 1000 were both held previously by Sarah Kerain. The former 1000 record was 3:00 and I ran 2:56. The former mile record was 5:12 and I ran 5:05. The two mile record was formerly held by Tina Kerain with a 11:43 and I ran an 11:08. I was able to have a very successful indoor season, being ranked in the top ten in the state in the 2 mile and the 1000 and the top 15 in the mile. I am very happy with what I have accomplished this season thanks to Coach Braz.


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