Welcome Thank you for joining Writing Our World, a new support group for writers of all genres living in the Cuenca, Ecuador area. We continue to gro



Thank you for joining Writing Our World, a new support group for writers of all genres living in the Cuenca, Ecuador area. We continue to grow weekly, thank you for joining in the fun!

Meeting Notes

Fourteen members made it to the last meeting. Many came at 12:30 for lunch, which I'm sure our host, Magnolia Caffe, appreciated.

We opened the meeting with a moment of silence to honor the spirit of Susan Klopfer. Her husband, Fred, asked me to mention several things.
~ If you have read any of her books, please post a review on Amazon and other places. Also be sure to recommend it to your friends.
~ Her memorial service will be held on Tues, April 7 at 11am. It will be a potluck event held at Paladar's Restaurant.
Please contact Sara Coppler for further information.

Paladar's Restaurant
Presidente Cordova 1-7
entre Huayac Capac y Manual Vega

We had six new members and introductions were done by everyone. Folks were also reminded to pay before leaving (and this time we all paid after the general meeting and before our writing time).

A request was put out for blog links, website links and book links to be posted on our website and in our Facebook group. Please email them.

A printout of member names, email addresses and genre/interest was handed out to everyone present. Once updated with the newest members, it will be emailed to those who have attended one of our meetings. If you have been unable to attend any meetings but plan to in the future, you can request the printout by email.

Twitter Talk

Geri Jeter did a wonderful job explaining the who, what, when, where and whys of Twitter. A great Q&A accompanied the talk and all felt they had learned something of value.

We look forward to George Forgues's talk on SEO for blogs and websites next time.

Quote of the Day

This week we had two quotes...

You can't write a book by wishing it into reality.
~author unknown~

The most important thing for poets to do is write as little as possible.
~T.S. Eliot~

A Reminder

Submissions Wanted
Zero Latitude Magazine is taking submissions for an anthology they hope to publish. They are looking for stories, essays, poems less than 2,000 words, hopefully with some connection to Cuenca. Please contact Frances Hogg Lochow for further information.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held at Magnolia Caffe at 1 pm on April 15th. Please arrive at least 45-60 minutes early if you plan on ordering lunch. That allows us to clear the table for writing. Thank you, hope to see you there and be sure to tell any writing friends about our group. {Note: I've increased the arrival time to allow for everyone to order and finish eating. Thank you!}

Final Note

If you have topics you would like to see discussed at a future meeting, please let us know and we will see if we can find someone willing to give a 15-20 minute presentation.

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