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Welcome to the Flood Zone!

A nationally distributed resource for those interested in flood zone issues, land surveying, real estate, history, and educational opportunities. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, simply click the unsubscribe link in the footer of this message.

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Message from Jim

Happy 2017!!!

As each year starts with much excitement, I have come to acknowledge that another year has passed very briskly. The next thought that arises is the reminder that we are not able to create more time, so enjoying every minute is very important. For me, one of the best ways to spend time and feel like it was not wasted is to quietly help others. This of course can be done in many ways in our personal lives, but when applied within a business strategy, growth, opportunities, and friendship will follow.

Outreach on both the local and national level, has allowed me to cross paths with many inspiring professionals who truly enjoy their work and believe helping others is important. After all, serving our clients well is what creates a strong business.

Next month, we have some exciting announcements to make pertaining to how we plan to better serve our clients, and how to improve our profession, but until then, Nadeau Land Surveys wishes each of you quality laughs, accomplishments, and relationships. As stated by Albert Einstein, “only a life lived in the service of others is worth living”. Hoping your 2017 is a wonderful year!


Free Continuing Education Class - Seats Still Available!

NEXT WEEK, Monday 1/9/2016 - "Land Surveying, Flood Zones, and Real Estate"

Join us at Husson University, January 9, 2017 for "Land Surveying, Flood Zones, and Real Estate"! This course is approved for 3 continuing education credits for Maine Real Estate Licensees, Maine Real Estate Appraisers, and Maine Code Enforcement Officers.

The course is being offered for free, courtesy of Bangor Savings Bank. Click the button below for more details!



New Equipment for a New Year!

We are pretty excited about a recent addition to our inventory of state of the art field equipment: the HyDrone-RCV-G2, a remote-controlled catamaran platform developed for hydrographic survey applications. This equipment will allow us to now perform bathymetric surveys on lakes, rivers, harbors, water treatment plants, and other aquatic areas we previously could not reach.


Flood Q&A: Misrating

What are some reasons a flood insurance policy might be misrated?

The premium charged is incorrect because one or more of the rating characteristics used to determine the applicable premium rate for an application or renewal is discovered to be incorrect or was previously correct, but has changed. For example, a misrating will be considered to have occurred when the premium rate charged is incorrect because:

1. The policy was issued on the incorrect form of the Standard Flood Insurance Policy;
2. The policyholder's loss history makes the property ineligible for coverage at that rate;
3. The building has been physically altered (e.g., addition of an enclosure);
4. The use or occupancy of the building changed (e.g., the building is no longer utilized as a primary residence or a single family building was converted to a non-residential business building);
5. The building was reclassified as a severe repetitive loss building or a cumulative damage building;
6. The building was substantially damaged or improved;
7. The wrong flood zone or Base Flood Elevation was utilized to determine the premium rates;
8. The presence or absence of certain structural characteristics used in determining premium rates (e.g., basement, enclosures, or crawlspaces) is incorrectly indicated on the policy record;
9. The building replacement cost used to determine the premium rate is incorrect;
10. The building construction date is incorrectly indicated on the policy record; or
11. The community in which the property covered by the policy is shown to be located on the policy record is incorrect.


In the News

"California, Flood Risk, and the National Flood Insurance Program"

By Nicholas Pinter, Rui Hui, and Kathy Shaefer, California WaterBlog, December 14, 2016

While this article focuses primarily on an analysis of California's place in the NFIP, it discusses some interesting ideas on how other states can strengthen their floodplain management programs to take the burden off a weak national program.

Read more!


On this Day in History...

President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a 54-inch, 800-pound globe which was installed near his White House office desk in Washington on January 4, 1943. Presented by the Army, it brings this global war into focus for the commander-in-chief of U.S. forces.

~ Photo from The Atlantic, January 4, 2016


January Flood Funny


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