Here in Wisconsin each season lasts long enough to forget the one before, both beauty and forbearance. Snow now behind us, I relish the coming cavalca


Here in Wisconsin each season lasts long enough to forget the one before, both beauty and forbearance. Snow now behind us, I relish the coming cavalcade of growth and blooms spurred by rain and returning sun. First up, a ravishing display of narcissus, hyacinth and daffodils, all fortunately deer-proof. Next are my beloved tulips, secured in the well-fenced vegetable garden—it’s their favorite snack! Perhaps the way I feel about the ramps that have sprung up nearly overnight, and have already found their way to my sauté pan.


A case of Robert Lambert, The Brooklyn Museum

Fresh light now shines on the spring of my youth as well, work I did in my 20’s now gaining international notice. A prominent place in Copy Machine Manifestoes: Artists Who Make Zines at the Brooklyn Museum has spurred interest in a possible show at a museum in Los Angeles, and a curator at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York has just been to Kewaunee to view my archive—all from before he was born! Always hoped this might happen, I just never thought it would take 50 years. And as for my place as a ‘style icon of the ‘70’s,’ as touted in a book to be released in the UK this summer, I am uncharacteristically speechless.


Robert Lambert appliqued jackets, The Brooklyn Museum


Robert, 1973


Robert, 1974

All the Moms in my family are now gone, still I will ruminate on their continuing presence in my life on their Day—an impulse to ancestor worship, or at least to leave offerings. Instead, I will honor them in my work as I always have by doing the best I can. A jam I haven’t made since I quit Farmer’s Markets 8 years ago is back—the Five Lime Marmalade. Though other flavors will do, this is the prime ingredient in my favorite marinade, and one of the last meals I made for my Mom—she loved it too! See the recipe here.


Five Lime Marmalade

All other marmalade flavors are in stock, all the jams and jellies but the red currant--that will return as soon as they are ripe! Chocolate sauces are now gone, yet a few jars of the iconic Hot Ginger Caramel Sauce remain. You may still want a Mother’s Day fruitcake—I will continue to sell them until then, the rest will be aged for fall. The syrups, Blood Orange, Rangpur Lime and Lisbon Lemon continue to be available. Spiced Crab Apples from last fall have some age to them now, possibly better than when I made them.


Raspberry Champagne Jelly


Spiced Crab Apples

Life here in my new home only continues to improve, as, with the help of my genius painter and finisher Liz, I banish Landlord Beige and Navajo White, room by room. The deep rich saturated colors I have craved through 50 years of rentals I now see everywhere I look, and I can’t get enough. Color is nature, a visual feast as stunning indoors as out. Sky blue, raspberry red, leaf green or the gold of the sun—I love it all!


I hope you find something here that brightens your day!

My Very Best To You All,

Robert Lambert
April 2024