Festival Passes On Sale Scout festival weekend approaches and tickets are on sale! If you know you will be attending, please be sure to get your fest

Festival Passes On Sale

Scout festival weekend approaches and tickets are on sale! If you know you will be attending, please be sure to get your festival passes ahead of time. This will help us plan for your arrival and make sure we don't go over capacity in our beautiful awards ceremony space, Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center.

You can find a discounted room rate at Stowe Mountain Lodge or additional travel information on our website!

It has been fun corresponding with those of you from near (Vermont, Boston, California) and far (Nepal, Portugal, Iraq) regarding your attendance. Scout Film Festival and the town of Stowe, VT are excited to host you and to share in this unique experience with all of you.

Announcing Scout Film Festival Best-in-Category Nominees

Thank you all for submitting your funny, creepy, gorgeous, profound, thoughtful, funky, sophisticated films. Your work is so good and so prolific and so globally representative it is an embarrassment of riches. You made it tough for the Scout Screening Committee to narrow down to Best-in-Category Nominees and so we have a robust list of nominees and a rich program of official selections beyond that. Congratulations to all our nominees and our official selection filmmakers alike. Stay tuned for another note listing all films and filmmakers in the complete festival program.
THANK YOU for sharing your talents and for investing in each other through storytelling, by making possible this first Scout Film Festival celebration and connection of teen filmmakers through YOUR film.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.21.39 PM

Adventures of Malia - Shubhavi Arya, India
Bi-Polar - Lily Lizotte, USA
Hunter's Luck - ZVVIKS Students, Slovenia
I'm Afraid - Kate Reid, Canada
Miles Away - Lily Lizotte, USA
Samuel - ZVVIKS Students, Slovenia
The Summer Dragons - Rebecca Celsi, USA
Veni, Vidi, Vici - ZVVIKS Students, Slovenia


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.00.49 PM

A Day in the Life - Tyler Rhoades, USA
Crazy Beans - Samuel Decker, USA
Dropped it Off - David Manitsky, USA
Tension - Oliver Marsden, Australia
The Princess and the Bodyguard -
Beacon Hill Arts, United Kingdom
​#You Are Dead - James Serpico, USA


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.01.44 AM

The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes - Griffin Olis, USA
Both Genders - Stevie Earnest, USA
Dhartiputra - Aditya Khadka, Nepal
Domar: To Tame - Benjamin Ades, USA/Uruguay
FTC Robotics Challenge - Christopher Razniak, USA
Family Under The Roof - Michael Deng, USA/China
Fragile - Nilo Batle, USA
John Holder - Illustrator - Louis Holder, United Kingdom
Rock Bottom - Rebecca St. John, USA
Shade - Antreise Lacy, USA
Under the Wire - Madison Legg, USA


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.44.13 AM

240 Seconds - Charlie Ehrman, USA
Aftermatch - Adam Paaske, Denmark
Boy - Lucas Helth Postma, Denmark
Creativity - Davis Towne, USA
Here's To Running - John Coffee, USA
Home - Alec Shangold, USA
Icarian - Jonah Goldberg, USA
The Liberation - Anna-Sophie Beckett Stenbæk, Denmark
Lola & Elaine - Tia Mayer, USA
Peas - Davis Towne, USA
These Thin Walls - Sam Friedman, USA


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.01.19 AM

Beyond the Boxes - Samir T. Radwan, Egypt
Evanescence - Filip Sokolowski, Poland
Here's To Running - John Coffee, USA
Home - Mia Neumann, USA
Nomadic Book - Stella Horta, Portugal
Open Your Hearts - Elliot Rico, USA
Surrounded - Brian Ferenchik, USA
This Home is Not Empty - Carol Nguyen, Canada
VANYA - Fanny Bell's House Camp "Cut", Russian Federation
Wake Up - Brian Ferenchik, USA
Witches - Gruppo Farfa, Italy

Female Filmmaker

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.15.18 PM

All The Dressing Rooms Were Full - Abbey Sacks, USA
Ellie - Morgana McKenzie, Canada
Instants - Abbey Sacks, USA
Just Some Thoughts - Abbey Sacks, USA
Le Couteau - Zoe Miller, USA
The Liberation - Anna-Sophie Beckett Stenbæk, Denmark
Lola & Elaine - Tia Mayer, USA
Of Gods and Bells - Alexia Salingaros, USA
Shoes Get Shined - Isabella Olaguera, USA
Spell - Isabella Olaguera, USA


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.28.35 PM

The Control Room - Calvin Herbst, USA
I Am Alex - Oliver Levi-Malouf, Australia
Icarian - Jonah Goldberg, USA
Insects - Minjae Kim, South Korea
KATHAROS - Evan Obrien, USA
Missing Facts - Srwsht Abarash, Kurdistan Iraq

Made In Vermont

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.48.58 PM

Dropped It Off - David Manitsky, USA
Masha'Allah - Molly Simmons, USA
The Yellow Block - Harrison Allen, USA

Music Video

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.09.04 PM

Agoraphobia - Robert Gordon, USA
Koopa by: Tigerman WOAH - Charles “Tony” Peguero, Rajeev Pho, USA
The Lonely Parade - Kurtis Watson, Canada
Moollz | Astro, Naught - Katie Speare, USA
Redeyes - Sleeprunner - Sebastian Weber, Austria
Screenplay by Kayln Rock - Kathryn Rothwell, Rebecca Kirby, Jake Whitlock, USA
The Storm by Kali Stoddard-Imari - Yunior “Crispy”Javier Crispin, USA

Public Service Announcement

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.24.59 PM

Abundance - Zachary Letson, USA
Breaking Point - Zachary Letson, USA
Friendship - Cameron Bontrager, USA
The Good The Bad and The Willy - Gregory Aragon, Kevin Castro, Willy Rivera, USA
One More Swing - Aaron Kuerth, USA
Pajamas - Caleb Garrett, USA
Trapped in a Box - Zachary Letson, USA

Treetop Adventure and Stowe Rocks

Treetop preseason

We have some outdoor and indoor adventure to share with all of you while you are here. Our hosts at Spruce Peak, Stowe Mountain Lodge and Stowe Mountain Resort have offered to open the Treetop Adventure and Stowe Rocks attractions EARLY, at a discounted price, especially for us if we have enough expressed interest ahead of time. Please check out the links and let me know if you would be game. As I said, they would be opening the attractions JUST FOR US, so please reply only if you genuinely plan on participating. THANKS

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