Hello Paddlers The end of the kayaking season is nigh and we've enjoyed yet another fantastic one, meeting more wonderful people and sharing our stun


Hello Paddlers

DB - Bramble Sunset DB

Sunset at Bramble Cove, Southwest Tasmania. Imagine enjoying this view with a relaxing glass of wine after a day kayaking!

The end of the kayaking season is nigh and we've enjoyed yet another fantastic one, meeting more wonderful people and sharing our stunning coastline. Our season had many highlights, including exploring new areas in Port Davey, inaugural trips to Flinders Island and kayaking amongst the Wooden Boat Festival, but plans are already afoot for the next season with Flinders Island a definite addition to the selection.

Our scheduled tours begin again in October but if you'd like to paddle with us in the meantime, we're happy to take groups of 4+ subject to availability. If you're rugging up for Tassie's unique winter festival Dark Mofo, but not quite into the nude solstice swim, give us a call for a kayak around the waterfront!

Spaces are now available on our ultimate multi-day kayaking adventure to the World Heritage wilderness of the Southwest. Kayaking gets you deeper and closer to this amazing and remote environment and it could be life-changing (see below 5 questions with Dave and Bette who have joined us on this trip 3 times!). This video of Greg from Par Avion also highlights how this special wilderness can affect you.

We will be taking some short breaks over the next few months but we'll still be open for business Wednesdays to Fridays, so don’t hesitate to call or email.

Wishing you all a safe and warm winter!
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Flinders Island - "a trip to days gone by"

We’ve spent quite a bit of time kayaking on stunning Flinders Island over the past few years, and every time it continues to surprise and delight us. The grand granite peaks rise from Bass Strait to look over the surrounding lush farmland and coastal bush. The waters are clear and the beaches long. It is also like stepping back in time with relaxed and friendly locals. Read more about why we love Flinders Island here.

In March/April 2018, we can't wait to head back to Flinders Island for some more kayaking trips. Bookings are open now - get in fast as last year sold out quickly.


Tassie Shorebirds Rescue

Our island is home to 50% of the global population of hooded plovers, pied oystercatchers and sooty oystercatchers which makes our beaches the frontline for the battle of shorebird conservation. Unfortunately the increase of beach visitors also means increased threats to these beautiful birds.

NRM South has set up a Tassie Shorebirds Rescue Crowdfunding campaign to raise much needed funds to increase conservation activities. As a water and nature loving business, we've donated some kayaking tours and encourage you to also donate here.


Kayaking hygiene – protecting the environment you’re out there enjoying

Tasmania’s awesome waterways give us so much pleasure it would be devastating if we were actually responsible for putting a pristine area at risk. And just one drop of contaminated moisture on a kayak could do that. It's up to each of us to make sure we're not the ones carrying nasty hitchhikers out to ruin our magnificent natural environment. Check out our blog for more on what you can do.


Seven Sheds Brewery, Meadery and Hop Garden Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

Tasmanian Craft Beer

These waters were made for paddling…. and brewing

The waters of Tasmania are sensational for kayaking but they're also an essential part of the process that brews up some of the finest beers in the country.

There is an increasing number of craft brewers making the most of the natural resources and vibrant culinary scene of our island state. And we say cheers to that!

Read more about our beer history and where to find Tasmanian craft beers at the below link.



Bette and Dave are huge inspirations to us all here at Roaring 40°s Kayaking. Both in their 70’s, they have completed three Southwest Tasmanian kayaking expeditions over the past 8 years and joined us this year on one of our inaugural Flinders Island trips. We thought we would ask them a few questions about their love for kayaking, travel and how they keep so fit!

1. How long have you been kayaking, and what is it you enjoy so much about it?
We have been kayaking since 2009 and our first trip was to the Southwest with Roaring 40°s. It is a great form of exercise and you get to places which would be difficult to get to by other means.

2. You both never cease to amaze us with your stamina and ability to kayak (and walk) for multiple days. What is your secret to keeping fit and healthy?
Keep moving. We enjoy walking on kunyani/Mt Wellington and paddling our sit-on kayak on Norfolk Bay. Pilates also helps to keep the joints from freezing up.

3. Why do you love kayaking in Southwest Tasmania?
We absolutely love the wilderness down there. It is one of the few places we have been to where you can really get away from civilisation and feel close to nature. There is also the huge contrast between the paddling conditions which you can experience, from mirror like conditions in Bathurst Harbour to big seas in Port Davey. Nevertheless we have always had absolute confidence in our guides and have got on well with the people who go on the Roaring 40°s trips in spite of age differences.

4. What are your other favourite travel/adventure destinations?
We have really enjoyed cross country skiing in Canada and Vermont as well as kayaking in the Whitsundays, Tonga, Mexico and, of course Flinders Island. Recently we went to Alaska and Vancouver Island where we also managed to do some kayaking.

5. Where does your next adventure take you?
We are going skiing in NSW in July with the whole family and we are considering kayak trips in Croatia, Sardinia or the Galapagos Islands for next year. However we would like to do at least one more trip to the Southwest before we hang up our paddles.


In our next newsletter ... The Shy Albatross, Tasman Peninsula seals and more.

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