Louise Gibbs' 7 Deadly Sings... Both in its conception and execution, 7 Deadly Sings is an unqualified triumph." - Jazzwise \*\* 4 Stars “A stunning


Louise Gibbs' 7 Deadly Sings...

Both in its conception and execution, 7 Deadly Sings is an unqualified triumph." - Jazzwise ** 4 Stars

“A stunning achievement on every level - fabulous writing. The compositions, words and music, are intriguing, challenging and attractive. The arrangements are terrific and the performances excellent.

John Warren, composer

“Listen to ENVY - from Seven Deadly Sings - Louise Gibbs & The Septet live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzk7iZdjWCM



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"If the devil has the best tunes, then the singer is a compulsive sinner! Even in this agnostic and post-Freudian age, the medieval idea of the Seven Deadly Sins has a powerful and enduring hold on our collective imagination. The Sins in their finger-pointing way encapsulate our eternal struggle with wayward desire, political impotence and moral cowardice. In the grip of Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Anger and Greed we are all sinners. We may have left behind religion, but we still carry the shameful baggage of failing to be as good as we believe we are or can be. Redemption, it seems, can come only through transforming sin into art.

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The singer’s role is to articulate the unspeakable. Where instrumental music can seem abstract, texts as songs speak directly to audiences. Louise Gibbs has written 50 provocative minutes of text and music for herself and septet. The result is a song suite of expressive and musical challenges, an impassioned commentary on the waywardness of desire.

The music and all seven instrumentalists are as integral to Seven Deadly Sings as the singer. Each sin/sing/song is inspired by the distinctive “voice” of the soloist and his instrument. Sometimes the coupling is knowingly clichéd and sometimes accidental: PRIDE (Sam Leak, piano), LUST (Tim Whitehead, tenor sax), GLUTTONY (Tom White, trombone), ENVY (Quentin Collins, trumpet), SLOTH (Oli Hayhurst, double bass), ANGER (Sam Gardner, drums), and GREED (Tony Kofi, alto sax).

Recent & Upcoming Gigs

11 October
Louise Gibbs and the Northern Septet Perform Seven Deadly Sings At Marsden Jazz Festival
Krzysztof Urbanski, Riley Stone-Lonergan, Kim Macari, Kevin Holbrough, Sam Leak, Simon Read, & Sam Gardner
26 November
Seven Deadly Sings in Edinburgh
27 November
Seven Deadly Sings in Glasgow


Workshops & Talks

To enhance the audience experience of Seven Deadly Sings two optional events are offered to club promoters and festivals.

1) An illustrated pre-performance talk/discussion by the singer-composer Louise Gibbs: “What does sin mean in the 21st Century?” The talk explores how music and text work together to promote ideas and feelings (referring particularly to Seven Deadly Sings), and how Art has become the forum for expressing our moral concerns.

2) Workshops – relevant to singers and instrumentalists who want to develop their ability to perform and improvise jazz with more confidence and expression. Louise Gibbs and the Septet members all have considerable experience of providing workshops that address practical playing issues at all levels of expertise from the beginner to the professional.

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