I know... I just sent out a newsletter less than a week ago and here I am again. Too many things to share! (That's good, isn't it?) ToolTron Freebie


I know... I just sent out a newsletter less than a week ago and here I am again. Too many things to share! (That's good, isn't it?)


Click the picture to get yours.

ToolTron Freebie

Mother's Day is on Sunday. (It always sneaks up on me too.) The very nice folks at ToolTron would like to give your mother a free pair of stork scissors. (That is SO SWEET!)

Mom's scissors will look just like the ones in the picture. No, you can't possibly get them in time for Mother's Day, and they're not made out of solid gold, and there is a tiny amount of shipping involved, but it is still a very sweet deal. (No purchase necessary!) Oh! And you get the leather sheath too!

Go....SHOP! Use the coupon code ilovemama. (The coupon code can be used twice per customer. Order by midnight Sunday May 10th.)


Personalize Your New Scissors

Years ago I had a very clever student in class who used an old (expired) credit card as a scissor fob. She cut it down so just her name and perhaps the expiration date showed. Very eye-catching.

(If you're reading this, and I've just shared your awesome idea, please raise your hand.)

I didn't have an old credit card to cut up so I cut up one of Steve's for the picture. (Hi, honey!) I used a hole punch---punch and twist--- and found the chain in the junk drawer. Hotel loyalty cards work. So will the cards AARP keeps sending in the mail. (Why do they DO that every three days?! I already know I'm over 50!) Go for the plastic cards that have the fancy raised lettering. Round the corners with a really strong pair of paper scissors and you're good to go.

(I've got another tip for old credit cards, hotel room keys, and loyalty cards in the next newsletter.)


Sticky Template Plastic (STP)

Not quite ready to chop up a credit card? Use a scrap of Sticky Template Plastic! Not only is it great for creating precision templates without tracing, but it's great for other stuff too.


Click to get some Sticky Template Plastic.

For this example I just printed my name in a Word document and printed it out. Then I stuck some STP on top, trimmed, punched, and repeated for the other side. No STP scraps? I'll put it on sale.

Right here: http://amisimms.com/stickyplastic.html


Click the picture to read Delia's tutorial.

T-Shirt Bags

This is so cool! It's from DeliaCreates.com. Click here to read the free tutorial.

Just as soon s I have time to shave the other leg, I'm going to make some of these. I could rummage through my closet, find a few suitable T-shirts, and call it Spring Cleaning.

What if you stretched the bag to the appropriate shape, then sewed a lining for it out of quilting fabric?! Then it wouldn't stretch any further and you could put other stuff your bag that you wouldn't want to fall out of the holes.

Go ahead. Try that and report back, OK?
Read Delia's tutorial right here.


Got Plaids?

You may not know this, but my friend and fellow teacher Karen Combs is a sign language interpreter for her church. One of the programs at her church is the Sign Club, a vehicle for teaching life skills to deaf children. They are in need of sewing supplies, mostly cotton plaids and coordinating solids, but all sewing supplies are welcome. See more pictures here. Mailing address, email address, and telephone number are here.


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Scooter's Video Pick

Hello! I hope you missed me.

I love the blue-eyed dog. Her name is Mishka. The baby is cute too. They are obviously having a conversation. No idea what the baby is saying.

I'm going back under Mom's desk now. She's snacking. Something good could fall on the floor.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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