"An attitude of gratitude brings great things"


Wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING Holiday and weekend and ease in finding gratitude throughout each and every day!

Squash XLG

"Squash" 30"H x 12"W - original oil on canvas

The Story of “Squash”

At Thanksgiving a number of years ago, I was in the middle of painting a series of Still Life paintings. I had purchased many squash to make a ‘statement’ on the long Thanksgiving table that year as we would be having the big dinner at our house.

As shown in a past newsletter, I set up my squash composition to use as reference and painted the painting featured above. At the ‘big dinner’ that year I had this painting, like a Martha Stewart 'touch', on an easel near the dining table with the same squash featured as the tables centerpiece along with other complimenting Fall items. I wish I had taken a photo of the table that year…


Interesting Art World Headline You May Enjoy….

daVinci Salvatore Mundi forNewsletter

Last Wednesday, Christies sold Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvatore Mundi” for $450 million dollars which set a record by far for price of any artwork sold. Christies, of course, cannot comment on identities of the buyers but some dealers say that the buyer is probably an American, since there is only one da Vinci in the U.S. - while others say that because of the BIG price that it must have been a foreign buyer willing to pay anything to have a da Vinci.

There are very few multi billionaires in the world that would be thought to be a candidate to make such a purchase. One of the speculations is that it is Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Whoever purchased the painting isn’t likely to be able to keep it a secret for long.

Did you know?

Evidently there are only 15 da Vinci's in the world! Just for a comparison - Picasso is said to have produced 1,228 paintings-- and 50,000 artworks in his lifetime.


Are You Grateful for MANY Things?

I know I am. Yet.... Does this ever happen to you?

I forget to remember all the 'good stuff' sometimes and that 'Attitude of Gratitude' certainly is not there! Precious hours in a day can pass with a... shall we say.... less than ‘optimal’ frame of mind. UNTIL…SOMETHING spurs me to ‘remember’ or inspires me back to a more empowered, positive mindset.

It is with this in mind that I began creating the ‘Inspirational Reminders’. I have made these first original paintings in to Prints and Cards with inspirational, ‘reminding’ and empowering messages.

Most of these images have other ‘hidden’ images collaged behind the scenes that support the message and encourage interaction with the card or print and help in remembering the message!

On the back of each Card I write briefly about any 'hidden' images and their significance and each Print comes with a ‘map’ of sorts locating each of the images and telling about their meaning.

Below are direct links to a handful of the 'Information Sheets' about a few of the images that have the 'maps' to the 'hidden' images in those pieces so you can see what I am talking about!

-- FAITH -- HOPE -- Think Abundance -- DREAM -- TODAY! Make it count!


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The archival quality Prints come signed by me, matted and ready to pop in to a standard sized frame and the 10 pack of Cards, one of each image, make wonderful gifts for the good-vibe people on your list that appreciate the value of a positive and empowered feeling mindset.

Mercedes at easel-cropped

HAPPY THANKSGIVING + Holiday Weekend and 'kick off' to the Holiday Season!

May you find the "Attitude of Gratitude" easy to come by!

Gail / Mercedes!

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