Hello Gorgeous gorgeousness! It is spring break here, so we have been taking it easy - well, I say that…we spend 5 hours yesterday preparing all the

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Hello Gorgeous gorgeousness!

It is spring break here, so we have been taking it easy - well, I say that…we spend 5 hours yesterday preparing all the stuff Ebi-kun needs for school. It was mostly going through everything and checking his name was on it all and that he hadn't run out of glue, pencils etc. I also had to whip up a couple of new bags since he had managed to complete trash two of them!


50 fabulous egg decorating ideas

Today's blog post is brimming full of egg decorating ideas, now I know some people are squirming in their seats at the thought of decorating eggs - Oh The Mess! but there are some really cute and simple ideas that are virtually mess free. The salad spinner technique has always been a big hit in this house!
Click HERE to check out the ideas!



Over on jojoebi-designs (which is my personal blog) I shared a great lesson we did recently on onomatopoeic words, we had a scream (!) doing it. I want Ebi-kun to love learning and really don't like making him sit with exercise books, instead we bring the lessons to life in a fun way, takes some imagination sometimes but that is part the fun! Click HERE for some cracking fun!


A New Book On The Way

I have just started editing the photos for the next Montessori Inspired Book - I'm not sure when it will be out yet, I often under estimate the time it will take me, but I am hoping for the summer if not before. I had such great feedback from the first book, I couldn't wait to get a second one started.

I'm also making some changes to the website, I've had a real problem with spammers leaving blog comments - they are moderated so at least they don't make it onto the site but these days most of the conversation takes place over on Facebook anyway, so I'm closing the blog for comments. Of course, I still want to hear from you, I love hearing your stories and how you use anything I share, so feel free to email me or come and join us over on Facebook.

That wraps it up for this week, I just want to congratulate all the boot campers for such an amazing job they have done in their kitchens - the changes over the week were out of this world! It was so much fun seeing how much you guys got out of it. I just want to leave you with this great testament from Susan - a bootcamper, it really touched my heart because this, right here is why I do it!


50 Egg Decorating Ideas HERE
Slam, Crash, Bam Lesson HERE
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