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Dear Ones,

Mother Gaia has asked me to lead another #GaiaTeach webcast, and sooner rather than later. The next one is this coming Thursday evening, 8:30pm – 9:30pm EST. Topic is: "Gaia's 'Shedding Skin Energies' & Earth Changes Now - A Teaching on Snake Medicine on the Global Scale"

Cost: $23

Mother Gaia is shedding an old skin during these interesting times. All of us are feeling these energies whether we are conscious of it or not. Our choices are to embrace or resist the energies, yet resisting only makes it tougher.

Many think that Kali is the dominant global energy now but Mother Gaia sees it differently. We have choices there too - embracing the calm ways that a snake sheds an old skin or the riotous energies of Kali.

Join in to connect with the Great Love of the Mother, and learn her perspective on the Earth Changes happening now, and how you can support Gaia (and yourself!) more at this time.

All are welcome to join and share with your friends and family to encourage them to join. If you can’t make the live Webcast, you will be able to access it from my website by the end of the next day for a small fee.


And just a brief message from Mother that she is repeatedly asking me to put out there: “Have hope! Things are not what they seem. Regardless of your climate, go spend some time outside with the trees and wild spaces and ask for my healing energies. I am here for you.”

Hugs, bigLove,

Ps. If you are one of the many, many experiencing snakes in your dreams or in the physical, know that you are not alone and there is a reason for this!



Dear Beloveds, I could wax poetic about my books. But I won't, here and now at least. You can read all of that on my website. However, did you know that each book is multi-award-winning in national book competitions.

In any case, they are all good summer reading. This is what Mother Gaia is telling me right now and wants me to share with you. (I'm not joking either.) Links below go to my website book pages. Happy Reading!

The Great Mother Bible


Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother


If I gave you God's phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America


Oh, and do go outside a lot this summer and connect with a tree, flower, the grass barefoot -- essentially Mother Gaia. Send her your love. It means the world to her. Bad Pun. She is calling all of us HOME. So much love there from her. So much xoxoxo


Healing through the Love of the Divine Feminine...

My capacity to work spiritually not only with Mother Gaia but the Virgin Mary, 21 Taras, Kuan Yin and some other ascended masters seems to be waking up in quantum ways. This is all so humbling.

Come "play" in the healing energies of the Divine Feminine with me and others, as we invoke these Goddesses and others to solidly bring these energies into this region for the highest good for Divine Plan alignment. We all know that the DC region could truly benefit from this at this time.

The retreat will be held at the Claggett Center, Frederick, MD. For women and men.

We will be visiting sacred sites in the Western Maryland region to immerse in the love of the Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin, and do Goddess Dance, Sacred Fire ceremony and more! (Yes, men can do Goddess Dance too, if they want. Or hold sacred space for us as Divine Masculine beings.) For more information, go here.

From a former workshop attendee:
What an amazing day, full of teachings, raising consciousness, surprising experiences, feeling the Love so deeply and soulfully. And… so much fun! There are a lot of ways to raise your consciousness, awaken your inner wisdom and love, healing. This is one way! I thank you Mare with my heart and soul. You left an imprint of Love for Mother in my heart. Big Hug and Love. -M.S.


Guidance and Healing from Mother Gaia with Mare Cromwell

We are living in times of Great Change and Great Hope. The Prophecies say that we are moving toward a time of Great Peace. But it surely does not look like that these days. Come for an informative and healing workshop about these chaotic times, to help you stay balanced and grounded. You will learn about Mother Gaia and some ways to tap into her great wisdom, Quantum Divine Love and healing energies, plus some other tools to support you in these interesting times. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and it’s time for all of us to step forward with compassion, courage and community.

Books and other items will be available to purchase after the workshop.

"What an amazing day, full of teachings, raising consciousness, surprising experiences, feeling the Love of Mother Earth so deeply and soulfully!" ~ M.S. Netherlands

Sun, July 30th, Harrisburg, PA - Cost: $40 TO REGISTER

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Beautiful Ones,

The 1000 Goddesses Global Grid is happening already! Check out this Facebook event page for: a Worldwide Peace Event tapping in Mary Magdalene's healing Divine Feminine energies. Sat, July 22nd. Central location is in San Francisco. Global network invitation. Link spiritual prayers and energies on the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

Please share with your goddess friends, whomever is free and available ... that weekend or any weekend or weeknight. (Time is just another dimension, does not need to be the exact time. The intention is the important factor.)

Sing, dance with one of our sacred silk veils, or one of your own veils, call in Mary Magdalene, the Divine Feminine Mother Team, invoke the Love and Compassion. Call in the Christ/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness even... raise your vibrations as sisters (and sacred guardian brothers too!), and help us bring in this New World in the midst of the darkness that has surfaced so much in the recent months.

As shared in a recent newsletter, we are more powerful than we realize, and deep ceremony is incredibly powerful. Do it with pure hearts and a sense of fun even... we can clear this chaotic caca that is stirring a bit much these days. It has surfaced to be healed. We can do it.

Hugs, bigLove!


"Mare brings a compassionate balance of healership to her workshops. I love her ability to see my shadows and my light with unconditional love and encourage me on my healing journey. Rest assured she is a true Earth Walker very in tune with Earth's wisdom. I hope you will be blessed by her grace and compassion as I have! She is a true gift of humanity." ~ C.P.


"Mare Cromwell is a welcoming, healing presence in a difficult world. She follows her intuition when working with clients, allowing each healing to be fully individualized to each case. Her genuineness and loving kindness helped me to discuss traumatic events of the recent past, and let us release these emotional attachments together. I am thankful to work with her!" ~ ML

About my healing practice: I have studied for twenty-one years with Native American elders and other spiritual guides. As a Medicine Woman/Lightworker/Healer deeply connected with Gaia/Earth Mother along with the Virgin Mary and Great Divine Mother and others on my spiritual team, I tap into the profound wisdom and healing energies of the "Great Mother Team" to support my clients. I have also studied energy balancing, and introductory training in cranial sacral healing, and Rubenfeld Synergy Work, to weave subtle aspects of all these modalities into my healing practice. More than anything, I tap into the immense Love energy of the Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother in the healings and coachings I offer my clients. Sessions can be either long-distance or in person.

I do energetic cord-cuttings, heart chakra healings, can enhance your energy protection gifts, balance your energy body, soul retrievals, inner-child healing work, and coach clients in going deeper in their spiritual practice to honor the Great Mother and Great Father for the highest good for Divine Plan Alignment. I am also available for house and land clearings and blessings, curse clearings (with one of my mentors), along with spiritual coaching. I also lead Mother Blessingway ceremonies for pregnant mothers.

Some other testimonials:

Mare Cromwell's books carry information so crucial in these times. And her healing energies are amazing. ~ G.K.

I have experienced Reiki a number of times but what you do with your energy work is six times more powerful than any Reiki session I've ever had. ~ G.S.

My body has been suffering from many ailments including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Mare has not just taken the pain away, but also helped to get my whole self in balance. She has also given me long term strategies for pain management, which are better than any pain medication. The work that is done by Mare is powerful, sacred and filled with love. ~ L.L.

After my two sessions with Mare, I had no more pain in certain parts of my body. I often had stomach aches. Now I digest the food I eat better. I have to say that I have had sought spiritual healing and Mare really surprised me with her healing powers from Mother Earth. She is a special and powerful healer. I definitely plan to see her again and highly recommend her.

More information can be found at my website.


"For all who desire a deeper connection with the Earth, I highly recommend the writings, events and work of Mare Cromwell. As an experienced Earth healer myself for many years, working consciously with the planetary being and other Great Feminine Beings, I "have it on good authority" from Mother Gaia herself, that Mare is among those "called to bring many people into a deeper, more personal awareness and connection with Her Presence". In fact, SHE's counting on it!" ~ A gifted elder closely connected with Mother Gaia.

Mindy Wagner Veil

Mindy Wagner modeling her new Sacred Silk Veil.

The 1000 Goddesses Gathering has been postponed to late fall -- pre-elections -- 2018. And you are most invited to help the Gathering! We are selling Sacred Silk Veils hand dyed with waters from over 400 sacred sites around the world by our Love Team (organizing committee).

To learn more and order your veil, go here.

Know that every veil sold is one more step to ensuring that we do have a 2018 Gathering in DC.

Thank you!


To find me at any of my upcoming events, go to my website listings here.

I will be doing a series of workshops in the Netherlands in late September - early October. More information on these TBA.

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