Blubrry Podcast Newsletter We’ve been hard at work, and here’s what’s going on Friends, we have had a busy, busy summer and have a lot to share with


Blubrry Podcast Newsletter

We’ve been hard at work, and here’s what’s going on

Friends, we have had a busy, busy summer and have a lot to share with you. Hopefully you’ll have seen in other announcements some of these evolutionary initiatives introduced by Blubrry, but we wanted to give you some new insights or even just a wrap-up. Lots of great news, and there’s more to come.

Reach millions through internet radio with Podcast2Radio

Podcasters, you can now convert your podcast into an internet radio stream to reach millions of users 24/7 who are listening to internet radio. Podcast2Radio is the partnership of Blubrry and StreamGuys, that instantly turns your podcast into an internet radio stream. You’ll gain loads of distribution via TuneIn, Sonos, SHOUTcast, Aha Radio, Zeno Radio, iHeart Radio, Bose and more. Create a Blubrry account (you don’t have to host with us) and get signed up.

Benefit by becoming a Priority Advertising Partner

Monetization is on almost every podcaster’s mind. Blubrry wants to create a stronger relationship with you to make this easier. Become a Priority Advertising Partner with Blubrry and your show will get preferred consideration with every advertising campaign. We are looking for podcasters who truly want advertising, not those who just think they do! Learn more here.

Another great Podcast Movement

In its third year, Podcast Movement once again proved to be educational and beneficial to all kinds of podcasters. Todd, Angelo, MacKenzie and Mike attended this year and were able to meet a variety of podcasters and a large number of our clients. We got to meet users at our workshop as well. We enjoyed chatting with those of you who attended and asked tons of great questions. We’re looking forward to heading back in Anaheim, California, in August 2017!

Check out Facebook Instant Articles

We’re constantly looking for ways to help you easily distribute your show, and this time it’s coming from Facebook Instant Articles. Those of you with a Facebook page for your show will be able to easily implement instant articles for your mobile listeners. This capability will be built into PowerPress and released shortly. Instant articles will include show notes and Blubrry’s media player.

Todd’s Corner

The podcasting space is, and with our announcements above we are working to significantly expand our podcast social promotion tools, increase show distribution with Podcast2Radio, and monetization prioritization for those that chose to become priority partners.

I am very proud that Blubrry now is the most complete podcasting service in the world, with every customer getting a free WordPress site and access to all our tools. And there’s more to look forward to. I cannot even whisper about what we have coming on the social promotion front -- it’s that good.

This is going to be a monumental year for all of our customers, and the tools we are rolling out are going to give you a significant competitive advantage while building your brand and IP.

Did you see our new podcast player? Thousands of our podcast hosting customers have deployed it. We offer free media migration and monthly overage allowances to all podcasters. Migration is automated for all PowerPress users.

The team has a lot more in store for you this year, and I am 100 percent jazzed about what we have coming. Keep tuned in to the for all the news!

Affiliate Corner -- the best yet

Congratulations affiliates! This was our best month ever, with the most affiliates earning a payout for the second quarter of the year and some qualifying for annual bonuses already. Podcasting is growing quickly and that means as more and more people are starting a podcast -- get them started with Blubrry. Not an affiliate yet? Apply here. If you have any questions, contact MacKenzie.

Other Announcements:

PowerPress update

Speaking of PowerPress...we released a small update -- PowerPress 7.0.2 on July 22. Wasn’t anything major - squashed some bugs, fixed the Blubrry media player issue with show notes and added TuneIn as a destination. Go ahead and update now if you haven’t already.

Elite Man Conference

If you’re looking for a self-development conference on the east coast, look no further. The Elite Man Conference (which is completely open and encourages women to attend as well) is Aug. 6 and 7 outside the Boston area. If you’re ready to transform your life in only two days, use our code ‘Blubrry10’ to grab your ticket today.

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Meet a Blubrry team member at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference, Sep, 9-10 this is going to be a great 2 day event for those of you on the East Coast. If you missed Podcast Movement.

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