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April 2021

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Progress cannot happen without change. In the oncoming weeks, Tier One Executive Search will see a great new change that we look forward to sharing with you in our next newsletter! LinkedIn also made some significant changes this past month. It will now have more flexibility to better acknowledge stay-at-home parents and others who have temporarily left the workforce. For this month's newsletter, we discuss the positive implications of this change to the widely used professional social network. But first, here are our latest Featured Candidates and Positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Candidate 1: General Sales Manager

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This candidate has had an extremely successful career as a sales and leadership professional in dealerships, mainly dealing with import brands. They value relationship building, honesty, and transparency above all else and believes that by building a strong, collaborative culture within their stores the company will be able to best provide for their customers. They have been able to exceed expectations in CSI and profitability over the last year and have successfully set company records month over month both as the leader of the sales force as well as for personal sales volume. This individual is looking for the opportunity to lead a sales team as a GSM in a mid to large store. If this sounds like someone that could help your dealer group please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

Candidate 2: Finance Director

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Our next candidate has had a well rounded, 10 year career in automotive highline dealerships. They have managed several different functional teams within these dealerships and is currently working as a F&I manager where they have successfully trained and developed their team to see a 15% increase in profitability and performance. They have also completed a store turnaround, taking their dealership from the bottom rungs of their market to in the top 5 consistently year over year. This passionate, driven candidate is ready to take on a director level position within F&I or as a GSM for a medium to large store and although their passion is highline, they would also be interested in working with other domestic and import brands. If you are interested in speaking with this person, please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

Candidate 3: Regional Sales Manager

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Our final candidate is a regional sales manager with over 20 years experience in automotive sales for aftermarket and tier 1-3 motion products. This individual has managed anywhere from $8M to over $1B accounts and has built strong relationships with customers in the global automotive industry. This sales professional has brought in several millions of dollars through difficulty with COVID through both hunting down new clients as well as growing existing accounts. They have also done a fantastic job of building and developing a strong sales team underneath them. This candidate is looking for a leadership role with a stable, global organization that is innovative and looking to push boundaries within their industry. If you are interested in speaking with this person, please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Position 1: Sales Manager

Our client is an award winning, global supplier into several industries, specializing in die-casting and injection molded components. We are looking for a true hunter to help them expand their business in the automotive EV market. This position will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to build new business as well as grow existing accounts within North America. The ideal candidate will have business development experience working with automotive tier 1 suppliers as well as OEM and at least 5 years of leadership experience. Please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

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Progress: Stay-at-Home Parent Becomes a LinkedIn Job Title

Several months ago we discussed the biases that exist against the unemployed and what changes employers can make to erase these biases. This issue has been brought up again in recent news when LinkedIn announced that it would be adjusting its profile settings to better present someone's work history who has been temporarily out of the workforce.

LinkedIn is adding a number of new job titles including “stay-at-home mom" and other caretaker titles to give users the ability to provide more accurate descriptions of their time away from work. The online professional network is also removing its requirement that any work experience entry must be linked to a specific company or employer (

This announcement came weeks after Helen Bolen, who was trying to return to the workforce after her maternity leave, pointed out the insufficiencies of the LinkedIn profile. There is no option to identify or explain any type of work gap, whether it's a "maternity leave, parental leave, adoption leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, elderly care leave, long term injury/illness, education/re-training, volunteering, long term travel, a gap year, a sabbatical — or for a pandemic" (

She goes on to connect this inconvenience with the bigger problem at hand which is the stigma against those who are temporarily not working and the difficulty these people face upon re-entering the workforce. And since women are more likely to be the ones assuming a stay-at-home caretaker role, it is disproportionately women who must overcome that bias and challenges of returning to work.

As further evidence to this, a research study from the Harvard Business Review found that stay-at-home parents were about half as likely to get a job interview as unemployed parents and only one-third as likely as employed parents. The study suggests that employers viewed both unemployed applicants and stay-at-home applicants as "less capable than continuously employed applicants" and found that stay-at-home parents were viewed as "less reliable, less deserving of a job, and less committed to work, compared with unemployed applicants" (

This new change to the LinkedIn profile is one small step to help address and correct these assumptions. It adds transparency as to why someone was not working for a period of time. Having the ability to explain a temporary leave from the workforce normalizes it and will hopefully help to erode the stigma.


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