PTA Message

The Mills PTA has a lot of new information for you this week. Please read carefully!

🎊First, we want to congratulate the Mills Award Winning Staff! 🎊

Teacher of the Year: Rebecca Salazar
Teacher of Promise: Jesus Garcia
Classified Staff of the Year: Deric Dartez-Santos
Staff MVP: Tracie DaSilva

Remote Days

Per AISD, the following Fridays are asynchronous and remote for all students (even if your child is currently in person at school):

▪ Friday, Jan. 29
▪ Friday, Feb. 26
▪ Friday, March 5
▪ Friday, April 9
Friday, Jan. 29
Friday, Feb. 26
Friday, March 5
Friday, April 9

Individual Pictures for the Yearbook

We want to include a headshot of every student at Mills, and there are two options.
The individual student photo should be taken of each student and in front of a neutral background.
Send to the yearbook using one of the following options:

1. Upload your headshot using the Image Share app labeled with their name (as it will be printed), grade and teacher.
2. Email your photo to let us know their name (as it will be printed), grade and teacher.
1. Upload your headshot using the Image Share app labeled with their name (as it will be printed), grade and teacher.
2. Email your photo to let us know their name (as it will be printed), grade and teacher.

Sending a photo directly to the Mills Yearbook is your consent for it to be included.


Don't forget to order your yearbooks by 30Jan2021!
Yearbooks are $25, Personalization is $5, Shout-outs are $5, 5th Grade dedications are $10

Yearbook Photo Contest!

This year is unique so calls for a unique contest!
Submit a photo of your student wearing a mask from one of the following four categories - Hero, Funniest, School Spirit and Most Creative!
Don't have a Mask that fits a category? That's ok, we'll happily accept all mask photos to be in the Yearbook.
Deadline is January 30th, 2021

We are seeking the following category of photos:
First week of School, SNOW Day, Recess, Photos from APEX challenge, With their pets, with Flat Milo, Students learning - studying, on a zoom or reading, doing STEM, working on art or makerspace challenges, recess, photos in Mills spirit wear, or dressed up as a SuperHero.

Any question please email


Go Green Tip of the Month - Reduce Junk Mail (Part 1)

Every month, we are offering a tip to encourage our school community to be more eco-friendly. The tips may be small, but they can amount to big changes that help our children have a healthy and thriving planet in the future.

Do you enjoy receiving junk mail? Few people do. Besides being annoying, did you know junk mail is also incredibly harmful to the environment? According to Harvard University, each year more than 100 million trees’ worth of bulk mail arrives in American mailboxes—that’s the equivalent of deforesting the entire Rocky Mountain National Park every four months!

So you want to cut junk mail… but how? There are a few approaches you can take, so let’s just start with one this month - reducing prescreened credit card and insurance offers mailed to your address. Here are the steps:

Call toll-free 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit
If using the website, scroll to bottom of the page and click “Click here to opt-out.”
You can then choose to opt out for 5 years or permanently. Opting out permanently requires mailing in a form (kinda ironic, right?), but opting out for 5 years can all be done online.
Fill out the form and you’re done! (Unless you are opting out permanently - then you’ll need to mail the form in).

And that’s it for this month. In the next two months, we’ll tackle reducing direct mailers and catalogs, so stay tuned!


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