NEWSLETTER Volume 4 Issue 1Substance Abuse Testing News DILUTE SAMPLES - WHAT IS A DILUTE? SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? Most reports of a dilute specimen

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Drug Testing

Most reports of a dilute specimen are nothing to be concerned with, however some situations can be a red flag and require further testing. The main thing to note is that a dilute specimen is NOT the same as a positive result. A dilute specimen is... (click here for the complete article)

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Certified Medical Examiners


In CFR Parts 383, 384, 391 the FMCSA now requires certified medical examiners (MEs) to be performing physical examinations on drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and to use a newly developed Medical Examination Report (MER) Form. In addition, MEs are required to....(click here for the complete article).


Mobile Occupational Services - News / Articles

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* MIS Reports Due March 15th
* Notices issued by DOT for MIS reports to be submitted by March 15th.
* Calender Year Member Re-enrollment Fees were due by Dec. 31st.
* Bi-Annual Laboratory Reports to be available by end of January for employers meeting testing minimums.

Background Check Site  -New

Mobile Occupational Services Background Checks

We just started the first portion of our new features to our background check services. Please note the look of our system has changed. It now works on a "modular" basis. Modules can be moved around based on the users needs and can be removed by dragging them to the bottom.

This new format is going to enable us to add new features and services more frequently and easily. If you have any questions about the new system please contact us at 760-244-6886 and we will be happy to help.

We have been continuing to notify employers on the delays that most of the counties in Northern California are showing. The delays are continuing and we are seeing drastic delays on reports with hits. Please expect 7 to 12 day delays for all reports with records (especially for those with multiple records).

As in many other California Counties, clerk numbers have been reduced due to budget cuts. The remaining clerks are overworked creating delays. We expect increased delays in Northern California for case information to be the norm going forward.

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Supervisor Training Classes

Classes continue to fill up fast for our monthly reasonable suspicion training for supervisors class.

A reserved seat must be made prior to attending, please do not show up without a reservation; seats will not be available. Reservations can be made here.

However, our online class is always available. Signups can be completed here.

If you need training or need a refresher, please contact us and book your class as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Future dates for classes on the Mobile Occupational Services Campus:

February 12, 2015
March 12, 2015

April 9, 2015

All classes start at 9 am and end at 11 am.

Mobile Occupational Services Training Department is once again taking sign-ups for ON LOCATION DOT Supervisor Training and Employee Awareness Classes. Class appointments can be coordinated to meet your company's schedule.

Please note we only offer a limited amount of ON LOCATION classes each month and a minimum number of students are required. For more information contact us at 760-244-6886 or contact the class coordinator directly at

Question of the Month


Question of the Month

What medical conditions disqualify a commercial bus or truck driver?

The truck driver must be medically qualified to not only drive the vehicle safely, but also to do pre and post trip safety inspections, secure the load and make sure it has not shifted. Bus drivers have different demands.
By regulation, Specific Medically Disqualifying Conditions Found Under 49 CFR 391.41 are Hearing Loss, Vision Loss, Epilepsy and Insulin Use.
Drivers who require a Diabetes or Vision exemption to safely drive a CMV in addition to those pre-printed on the certification form are disqualified until they receive such an exemption.

Answers are taken directly from the regulations or regulation guidance.

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MIS Reports
MIS reports will be completed by March 15th, 2015 for the 2014 calendar year. Please note that because you are owner operators that the MIS Report will show the stats for the entire pool to show compliance. Reports are only sent by request, but are always available by logging into your DEMI account on our website. If you are having an inspection and it is a component requested for your inspection and you can not retrieve your copy, please contact us for a copy of the report.

2015 Consortium Enrollment
Re-enrollment fees were invoiced and due by November 15th, 2014. Once we received your re-enrollment form and fees, your 2015 packet was mailed to you. All those that have not paid have been dropped and DOT has been notified. If you sent payment but did not complete the re-enrollment form, this must be done before we can send out your 2015 packet.

Re-enrollment forms can be completed on our website here.

We now have a NEW consortium pool that covers all fees for a year with one flat rate.

1 Enrollment Fee for the year with no cost for random testing.
No per test fees for randoms
No collection fees
No breath alcohol fees
Just 1 fee that covers your enrollment for the year.

Enrollment fees are based on the number of drivers. Any additional drivers added after enrollment are invoiced accordingly. Please contact us at 760-244-6886 for information.