Speak Up News, May 2017 We are excited to announce a new partnership with USC's Rossier School of Education, as well as the release of brand new Spea


Speak Up News, May 2017

We are excited to announce a new partnership with USC's Rossier School of Education, as well as the release of brand new Speak Up data! Below you will find links learn more about our new research partnership; national Speak Up findings on students, educators and trends in digital learning; and an update on district and schools Speak Up 2016 reports.

Quick links:

USC's Rossier School of Education named exclusive partner: Partnership seeks to further education via research and practice.
Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students' Digital Learning: Our latest infographic featuring Speak Up 2016 data!
The Chalkboard Dilemma: Speak Up 2016 data on teachers’ readiness & willingness to adopt digital tools for learning.
Speak Up 7 for 2017: Speak Up 2016 data on teachers’ readiness & willingness to adopt digital tools for learning.
Updated Speak Up 2016 reports: Now featuring more information to help with analysis!

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USC’s Rossier School of Education Named Project Tomorrow’s Exclusive Higher Education Research Partner

Partnership Seeks to Further Transform Education Via Research and Practice

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education!

A key component of this new partnership is the recognition of Rossier as the exclusive higher education research partner for the Speak Up research data. As such, faculty at Rossier will get access to the nationally aggregated data sets from the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning to support research projects and advance journal articles in conjunction with Project Tomorrow.

We look forward to working with the Rossier School of Education to dig into our Speak Up data, unleash new findings, and transform K-12 education!


Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students’ Digital Learning, 2017

Students Speak Up on Technology & Learning

Aided by technology, students across the country are self-directing their own learning, no longer waiting for teachers or schools to catch up. More than 400,000 K-12 students shared how and when they learn via the Speak Up 2016 Research Project for Digital Learning.

In our latest Speak Up data release, Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students’ Digital Learning, 2017, Project Tomorrow details some of the findings from the student responses:

Access to mobile devices in and out of school continues to grow. Over just a two-year period, twice as many students are now using Chromebooks in school (2014 to 2016).
Students are exploring online learning. More than one-third of middle school students say they have already taken an online class in Math, Science and English. The subjects that top their wish list for online classes include: college prep/study skills (58%), art appreciation (58%), world languages (56%), career technical/vocational education (51%) and computer science (47%).
More than 1/3 of students say they want to learn about future jobs and careers via online tools: online course, digital game, online videos and social media.

Click on the buttons below to view our press release, blog post, and download of our latest infographic.


The Chalkboard Dilemma

Teachers’ Readiness and Willingness to Adopt Digital Tools for Learning

At the ASU GSV Summit this week, we explored the current state of teachers’ readiness and willingness to adopt digital tools for learning with Alan Arkatov from USC Rossier School of Education, Ann Linson from East Noble School Corporation and Jessie Woolley-Wilson from DreamBox Learning.

While new Speak Up data shows us evidence of external indicators of change, they also indicate the lack of real systematic changes in activities, attitudes or aspirations of teachers. More than 38,000 teachers shared their views during Speak Up 2016. Here's a preview of what they shared:

More than two-thirds of teachers report external indicators of change:

Using more videos in the classroom
Texting with colleagues
Relying upon cloud applications more
Being in classrooms with student access to devices

But fewer than one-third say they:

Use online primary sources within instruction
Facilitate a class blog or discussion forum
Use an online curriculum with students
Create investigations for students w/digital tools
Engage in online professional learning communities

To learn more, please click on the button below.


Speak Up 7 for 2017

Top digital learning trends in K-12 schools today

In addition to our Chalkboard Dilemma presentation, we also discussed our Speak Up 2016 top 7 trends in K-12 schools at this week's ASU GSV Summit. Check out the first three trends below:

1. Funding, the achievement gap and staff morale top the list of superintendents’ concerns.
2. Administrators say data-informed instruction, social media communications and online assessments are some of the education technology approaches that are generating positive student results.
3. Online videos and games top the list of types of digital content being used in classrooms.

To read more about our Speak Up 7 for 2017, please click on the button below.


Updated Speak Up 2016 reports

We've updated our Speak Up 2016 online reports to now include the total number of responses per question. This new column will allow you to do additional analysis by hand if needed!

All Speak Up 2016 school and district reports have been updated to reflect this change. If you are a Speak Up 2016 school or district contact, you can access your data by clicking on the button below.


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