November 28, 2015 Hi there! This week, we enjoyed Thanksgiving here in the U.S. (my favorite holiday) and afterward I realized I did not take one sin

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November 28, 2015

Hi there! This week, we enjoyed Thanksgiving here in the U.S. (my favorite holiday) and afterward I realized I did not take one single picture. Way to go, Aim. It does not bode well for the calendars I'm about to make for the grandparents' gifts (example from a previous year). I love the designs at Tiny Prints (use code BLACKFRI40 thru tomorrow). (This email contains affiliate links.) On to this week's tips!

1. Where to get WordPress help

If you need help with WordPress, you basically have 2 options: figure it out yourself (takes time) or pay someone to do it for you (takes money). I generally opt for the former, but I did some research and if I hired someone, I think I'd start with these options:
* Codeable - For single projects.
* Kitedish or WP Site Care - Monthly plan, middle of the road.
* WP Valet - Monthly plan, high end. "White glove service."

I compiled this list after the recommendations from Chris Lema and Yoast, and after reading the comments on this post and this one. And the comments on this post make me leery about the popular WP Curve.

2. A new business podcast favorite

One of my current business podcast favorites is called The Top. (It's listed as "explicit" though I've found many episodes are not.) It generally leaves me simultaneously dumbfounded (lots of large income figures), inspired (interesting entrepreneurial journeys), intrigued (so many creative business ideas) and white-knuckled (it's fast, especially at double time on iCatcher!).

3. Who has access to your social media accounts?

Chances are you've given various apps and services access to your social media account info. To minimize hacking potential, it's a good idea to periodically check on them and revoke access to those you no longer use or are no longer relevant. Here are quick links to the major platforms where you can do so (make sure you're logged in first):
* Instagram
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Pinterest (scroll down to Apps section)
* LinkedIn
* Google

4. Heads up!

If you've contemplated starting a WordPress blog or website but haven't done it yet, I'm telling you, Black Friday and Cyber Monday makes this an excellent weekend to do it! It's easier than you think. Here's my preferred method, but if you need something a tad easier on the budget, follow these step-by-step directions here.

5. Behind the scenes

The big news for us this week is that my husband has been offered a full-time job that looks really, really attractive. He would start in January. This of course throws our out-of-the-box life into a different box entirely. Or back in the box? We are so very grateful, but boy oh boy, this would require some big rearranging. I'll keep you posted!


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