Zoey and I both celebrated major milestones. She turned one month old on my 60th birthday. Best birthday present ever. I think Zoey thought it was co


Zoey and I both celebrated major milestones. She turned one month old on my 60th birthday. Best birthday present ever.

Zoey closeup

I think Zoey thought it was cool too! Take a look at that happy face!

The quilt behind us is the very same quilt I made before Jennie was born. I sent it onto the airplane when she came to us from Korea so I would know which baby coming off the plane was ours. And, by the way, we are sitting on my ironing board.

Ironing Board Tip

Better Bigger Ironing Board

Indeed! If you have the space where you sew, you can make a pretty big ironing board (without the annoying pointy end) by putting three 24"-wide kitchen cabinets together. Then, plop a piece of wood 24" x 75" (or bigger) on top. Cover the wood with quilt batting and then white canvas "duck" (white denim). Wrap the duck around the board and staple-gun it to the underside.

Yes, the pile of fabric to be ironed IS overflowing. Shhh...


Free Crib Sheet Pattern

In case there is a little one in your life, you might want to make some crib sheets and I've got a free pattern for you! It's super easy!


New Product Review: NeckLite

I just learned about the most amazing light, thanks to a student in one of my applique classes. It weighs 2 and 3/4 ounces and puts out the brightest light I've ever seen in a neck light. It is super easy to get on and off. Plus, the magnets that hold the lanyard to the light are so strong you just tilt the light to where you want it to shine AND IT STAYS PUT!

IMG 2094

Yikes! That's BRIGHT!

You'll get 10 hours of light before the batteries go, it has a lifetime guarantee, and it's made in the USA! Give yourself the gift of LIGHT! Click here to order.


Home Front Quilts

Sonia Callahan brought this excellent quilt exhibit to my attention. Home Front Quilts were curated earlier this year. All 45 small format art quilts are available online. Look at the quilts and read the stories. In doing so I learned some very interesting things about what life was like during the war. I had no idea!


Scooter here. I have blogged. It's a really funny story up until the part where Mom almost falls down.

Mom said to remind you that the only way you can meet me in person is to take a class here at the house upstairs in Mom's classroom. She has two scheduled and I will give you a kiss if you sign up.

If you are allergic to dogs, it's OK. You can take her online class. My fur is real, not virtual. You can test this theory by putting your nose really close to my picture on your monitor. Did you sneeze? Didn't think so.



Thanks for reading all the way to the end, !

I'm already working on the next newsletter. I have some handmade gifts (made with my very own hands) that you might like, and an update on the fabric twine from the last newsletter.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don't forget to set your scale back 10 pounds so you can really enjoy the day.

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