Greetings from the bush!

We would like to start this newsletter by saying THANK YOU for your support over last 2 years.

Every country has been through their own challenges, many business have closed down, many people have lost their jobs…we are extremely grateful that we have so many loyal return guests who believe in our product and continue to book their holidays to Makutsi.

We are excited to announce that we will be very busy for the remainder of 2022, with some dates already booked out. It is great for all our staff to be so busy again, and we look forward to welcoming you to your “home away from home” in South Africa in the near future.

We are also happy to finally have good reason to send you some news, updates and great images again in this e-Drums Newsletter.


NO more Covid regulations!

On June 22, 2022, the South African government lifted all entry restrictions for international visitors:

▪ The obligation to wear mouth and nose protection on site no longer exists (indoors or outdoors)
▪ On arrival - no proof of vaccination or PCR test is required
The obligation to wear mouth and nose protection on site no longer exists (indoors or outdoors)
On arrival - no proof of vaccination or PCR test is required

When entering South Africa, all you have to do is submit a completed travel health questionnaire - Download here

Everything is back to normal, as it was before Covid. As you can see below, even the wildlife is very excited about less "social distancing" :)

SA2022 1 Affen Uebrige DD6 5299
small Raubtiere DD6 5651
SA2022 1 Raubtiere DD6 5675

Tented Camp renovations

During the quiet months of Covid, we took advantage of this time to do some serious renovations at Makutsi Tented Camp. Our maintenance team have been busy repairing the wooden foot paths leading to the tents and the wooden viewing deck in front of the restaurant area.

WhatsApp-Image-2022-06-27-at-12.55.24-PM- 1
WhatsApp-Image-2022-06-27-at-12.54.12-PM- 2

In the last few weeks they have completely removed the old canvas tents, repaired the deck underneath, and the new canvas tents have been erected! This is a very exciting moment for our Tented Camp and we look forward to welcoming you soon to our newly refurbished little camp.

Picture this.... sitting on your private terrace in front of your tent, soaking up the sounds of the bush, watching the wildlife come for a drink at the little water hole in front of Tented Camp, and waiting for your next walking safari...

WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-07-at-9.34.36-AM- 2
WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-10-at-4.10.04-PM- 1

Lodge improvements

For those of you not on social media we would like to share with you some of the renovations we have done in the last year.

▪ Refreshed the furniture in the library
▪ Re-painted the pool
Refreshed the furniture in the library
Re-painted the pool
▪ Completed the additional River Lapa
Completed the additional River Lapa

Adjoining the old bar and Lapa, the new River Lapa offers our guests an extra sitting area during the day in between excursions or in the night when waiting for dinner or sundowner. More space to spread out and relax, while enjoying that drink and sunset.

WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-10-at-11.36.04-AM- 7
WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-10-at-11.36.04-AM- 4
WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-10-at-11.36.04-AM- 2
WhatsApp-Image-2022-07-10-at-11.36.04-AM- 6

Sable & Rhino babies on the north

In 2020 we introduced Sable to the northern section of the Makutsi reserve. We are happy to inform you that they have adjusted really well, and we are now seeing our first Sable calves being born.

Also in the last 6 months we had one new Rhino born. All the new babies are making for wonderful game drives and walking safaris on the northern section of Makutsi.

WhatsApp-Image-2022-06-21-at-4.18.32-PM- 1
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-08 at 11.35.09 AM

Flowers in camp

During the winter months we have been fortunate to have several valuable days of rain, as well as some warm weather. This has resulted in early growth of the vegetation. The grass is growing and in camp we have beautiful colours from many different flowers.


Safari Sightings

Just a few stunning images from the last few weeks to keep you motivated for your next visit :)

SA2022 1 Elefanten DD6 5145
WhatsApp-Image-2022-06-30-at-5.55.13-AM- 1
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-11 at 10.33.01 PM

COVID regulations - Be sure to still check with your airline or travel agent before departure to South Africa for any changes or updates, especially in regards to returning to your home country.


If you think it's about time to travel to Makutsi again, or you need some additional information, please feel free to contact us:

General Enquiries:


Switzerland & rest of Europe:

...or visit our website to find local representation in your country.


We cannot wait to welcome some of you back again soon, and look forward to showing you all the lovely wildlife and nature that Makutsi has to offer.

Kind regards,
The Makutsi Family

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