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This month, we are thrilled to present highly-anticipated soundtrack releases from prestige film and television productions such as Mandy, The Predator, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, Legion, Mr. Robot, and more! We're not done: scroll down to get a sneak peek of what's to come. We are really grateful for our partners and your continued support of Lakeshore Records!

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Featured Vinyl Releases


Star Trek: Discovery / Annihilation / Mandy / One Strange Rock

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Darren Aronofsky's epic earth science doc, One Strange Rock, features Daniel Pemberton's ambient electronic score. The music is as much a journey and experience as the hit series, and truly perfect for the vinyl format.

"It’s a truly stunning piece of work," says Stereogum of Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow's Annihilation score! Available in Shimmer Purple vinyl and classic black, the soundtrack to Alex Garland's latest masterpiece is a must-have for the film music aficionado.

Johann Johannsson's final score comes in the form of one of the most talked-about films of the year, Mandy. Order now via vinyl partners Invada Records and coming to stores worldwide.

Peabody Award-winning series Star Trek: Discovery features the evocative score by EMMY Award-winning Composer Jeff Russo! Available in "Intergalactic Starburst" vinyl, the vinyl release compiles music from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.


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Digital Releases Out Now



mandy 600

"In his final completed film score, the late composer and experimental musician revels in extreme sounds, delving into black metal, menacing ambient, doom drone, and piercing orchestrations." – Pitchfork

Panos Cosmatos' Mandy film is a New York Times Critic's Pick and has been described by numerous film critics as "visionary" and Nicolas Cage's performance also is receiving much acclaim! Johann Johannsson's final score was produced by Randall Dunn, Yair Glotman and Pepijn Caudron, with guitars by Stephen O'Malley of the band Sunn O))).

RLJE Films presents MANDY, now playing in select theaters (get tickets) and VOD (rent on iTunes).



the-predator 600

"Jackman’s score, like the film itself honors the original Predator film and then goes its own way" – Syfy Wire

A #1 Box Office movie, The Predator is the sequel to the enduring Predator film franchise, starring an amazing ensemble cast: Boyd Holbrook (“Narcos“), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Jacob Tremblay (Room), Keegan-Michael Key (“Impulse“). Olivia Dunn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Sterling K. Brown (Hotel Artemis) and more! Directed by Shane Black, this epic action film features score by Henry Jackman, also known for scoring other big action features like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Kong: Skull Island, Captain America: Civil War, and more. This EP release provides some instant gratification, as a full album will also be released soon. Be sure you’re subscribed (below) so you can get the news first!

20th Century Fox presents THE PREDATOR, in theaters now (get tickets).
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a-simple-favor 600

Director Paul Feig (Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, Spy, The Heat) taps into his dark side for the neo-noir thriller, A Simple Favor, starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and Henry Golding! The #2 Box Office film features score by Theodore Shapiro, known to many film music fans for his scores to The Polka King, Central Intelligence, Trumbo, The Invitation, Tropic Thunder and more!

Lionsgate presents A SIMPLE FAVOR, now playing in theaters (get tickets)!
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peppermint 600

Lenardo’s credits include time with Filter as well as a number of TV, film and video game compositions. He teams with Costello who lends a powerful vocal presence to the electronic and doomy new song “Push Me.” – Loudwire

From the director of Taken comes Peppermint, starring Jennifer Garner! This Top 10 Box Office movie is action-packed, featuring score by Simon Franglen (Titanic, Avatar) and featuring the song, "Push Me" performed by Geno Lenardo and featuring vocals by Ash Costello of the band New Years Day!

STX Entertainment presents PEPPERMINT, now playing in theaters!
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slice 600

Coming in hot: Austin Vesely's directorial debut in Slice kicks off the spooky season with this new horror feature starring Chance The Rapper and Zazie Beetz! The film features score by Ludwig Goransson (Central Intelligence) and Nathan Matthew David (The Last Word).

A24 presents SLICE, available now on all Digital Platforms!
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Legion Season 2 Covers Album 600

[Road To Nowhere]: The doom-heavy lyrics reflect the somewhat laissez-faire attitude the mutant show has towards the future, sanity, and, well, normalcy — even moreso thanks to Keller’s floaty vocals and the cloudy synth underneath. Spooky, lovelorn, and only slightly reminiscent of every single slowed-down cover over every superhero trailer ever. – Syfy Wire

The songs you love from Legion Season 2 are here! It's Always Blue: Songs From Legion feature cover songs featured in the series performed by Noah Hawley and Jeff Russo, and some songs sung by Rachel Keller, Dan Stevens and Navid Negahban. The album was a Top 10 album on iTunes upon its release!

FX presents LEGION SEASON 2, available now on VOD (get it on iTunes).
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Mr Robot Volume 5 600

No show/soundtrack relationship may be more complementary than the one over at USA Network’s Mr. Robot… The show’s soundtrack, as composed by Mac Quayle, is a natural extension of the show’s tone and character: twitchy, tightly-wounded, tech-savvy, and ultimately lovely. – Den of Geek

Mac Quayle's "Mr. Robot" score has been a part of the series' aesthetic DNA since the beginning and to hear the soundtrack is to get inside Elliot Alderson's head! Mac's in-demaind Season 3 score continues the tradition of providing viewers of this critically-acclaimed show a fully immersive experience that goes beyond the realm of the visual medium.

Catch up on Mr. Robot Season 3 on USA Network online (login required) or on iTunes (get it here).
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puppet-master 600

"A blend of soaring orchestra strings and ominous electric guitar, Fabio Frizzi’s “Carnage Hotel” is one of many chilling and thrilling songs featured on Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" – Daily Dead

The legacy continues: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich features score by the legendary composer Fabio Frizzi and the original Puppet Master Theme by Richard Band! This album is an essential for dedicated soundtrack collectors of the horror genre.

RLJE Films presents PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH, in theaters and VOD now.
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Longshot-Homecoming 600

The perfect kick-off to an exciting future for the art – and commerce – of videogame music. - EA Games

Longshot: Homecoming is the debut soundtrack from the groundbreaking partnership between Lakeshore Records and EA Games! Featuring score by Academy Award nominee and multi-EMMY winner John Debney, the album also features the song, "Finally Here" by CMT Next Women of Country honoree Ruthie Collins!

The music comes from the Madden 19 story mode game play entitled Longshot: Homecoming!

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axl 600

"There are so many beautiful moments in this album, so many cues where I just feel the need to close my eyes and experience whatever sensations and images the music evokes." - Soundtrack Dreams

Former Passion Pit co-founder and keyboardist Ian Hultquist (Animals) brings us his latest feature film score to A-X-L, starring Thomas Jane, Becky G. and Lou Taylor Pucci.

Global Road presents AXL, now playing in theaters (get tickets).



destination-wedding 600

“Destination Wedding” has the bright colors and jazzy soundtrack of a film which trusts that comedy is found in the clash between light and dark, between this twee wedding and these human trolls tromping through it, between our affection for Reeves and Ryder and the relish with which they make themselves repugnant. - Amy Nicholson, Variety

Composer William Ross (Orchestrator, Ready Player One, Ladder 49) brings us the score to Destination Wedding, the film which reunites A Scanner Darkly co-stars Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves!

Regatta presents DESTINATION WEDDING, in theaters August 31 (pre-order tickets).



Ludrium 1200px

Causal Fate Chain stands right in the middle of Reflections, conspicuous for its sharp retro pop sound, its dreamy, wistful character and musing lyrics - Destroy/Exist

Producing under the moniker Ludrium, Cody Carpenter brings us his latest solo album, REFLECTIONS, featuring songs that conjure influences from '80s bands like Genesis, Mister Mister and Level 42. The music of Ludrium is a departure from his previous instrumental work under Cody's own name. Available now worldwide on digital and cassette, with CD exclusively in Japan.



daniel-davies 600

With a pedigree that includes being the son of a Kink and working with one of horror movies’ greatest composers, Davies has made a chilling soundtrack of his own – Rolling Stone

Daniel Davies' debut solo album, EVENTS SCORE, channels the otherworldly sounds of imagined horror movies no doubt influenced by his godfather and frequent collaborator, John Carpenter. The album is available now worldwide on digital and vinyl! The first vinyl pressing sold out quickly, so you don't want to miss out on the second pressing. Details now at our vinyl partner sites, Burning Witches and Two Headed Dog (click download button above to access links).




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