September 19th, 2017

Parliamentarians are back in Ottawa this week as fall session resumed for Members of Parliament on Monday (Sept. 18th) and for Senators today (Sept. 19th).

This is an exciting time of year and a critical time for us to engage our Members of Parliament regarding some very key bills and issues that will be discussed, studied and voted on this fall.


These are a few of the current bills and issues we are tracking and - most importantly - what you can do about them:

Bill C-51:

The government's Bill C-51 aims to "clean up" the Criminal Code by removing legislation that is viewed as obsolete or redundant. Included in the proposed clean up is the removal of Section 176 which essentially removes the only provision in the CC that directly protects the rights of individuals to freely practice their religion. The bill is currently before the Justice and Human Rights Committee and will continue to be explored this fall.

Please click here to read our National Update on Bill C-51 and find out how to contact the Justice Committee today. Click here to add your name to an online petition opposing the bill.

Bill C-45 // The Cannabis Act:

Bill C-45 was introduced in the spring, passed second reading and is currently in committee stage being studied by the Standing Committee on Health in meetings beginning last week. This bill would legalize marijuana for individuals 18 and older despite the fact that many experts have recommended a minimum age of consumption of 25.

Please click here to read our National Update on Bill C-45 and find out what you can do.

Refugees & Asylum Seekers:

This summer thousands of asylum seekers hopped the border from the U.S. into Canada landing in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec. The substantial number of asylum seekers will take many months and possibly even years to process and the issue has led to concerns about financial costs and national security risks.

In February the Minister of Immigration promised to bring in 1,200 Yazidi refugees - one of the most persecuted religious minorities in the world - to Canada by the end of this year. As of August it was reported that only 452 of the 1200 refugees had arrived on safe soil.

Click here to read our national update on the asylum seekers, and here to read more about the Yazidi refugees.

Senate Bill S-206 // The "Spanking" Bill:

Bill S-206 would remove section 43 of the Criminal Code and essentially make it so that careful, corrective force by loving parents would amount to assault. Section 43 very clearly lays out the Supreme Court's strict guidelines which permit parents to use reasonable physical force for disciplinary purposes. The bill proposes the removal of section 43 without replacing it with anything else and has potential to tear safe and loving families apart.

Please click here to read our National Update on S-206 and find out what you can do today to protect Canadian families.

Motion M-77 // Gender-Selective Abortions:

MP Mark Warawa has put forward an important motion calling for Parliament to join Canadians and world leaders in condemning a violent form of gender-based discrimination, known as sex selection.

We continue to raise awareness on this motion and will support it in any way possible, including bringing it to our Member of Parliament's attention, asking them to support the motion, and by signing & circulating the petition, found here.

Motion M-47 // Violent, Sexually-Explicit Content:

MP Arnold Viersen's motion M-47 - calling on the Health Committee to study the harmful effects of violent sexually-explicit materials - passed unanimously in the House of Commons and the study took place in the spring. The study report fell extremely short of revealing what was presented by witnesses and of offering any real safeguards to protect Canadians from violent pornography.

The government has 120 days to respond to the committee's June 9th report.

Click here to read our National Update on the committee's report and find out what you can do now.

"Islamophobia" Motion M-103:

MP Iqra Khalid's motion M-103 drew polarizing support and opposition from Canadians nationwide before passing in the House of Commons in the spring. Although the motion calls for a study on “Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination”, it focuses on and only refers to the religion of Islam by name.

The House of Commons heritage committee is presently conducting its study and will report on its findings/recommendations in the near future. Please click here to read more about M-103.

Ontario "Bubble Zone" Laws:

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced his plans to introduce legislation this fall creating “safe access zones" outside any facility that does abortions, including public hospitals. Such a law would prohibit pro-life individuals from protesting peacefully or praying publicly in the areas around such abortion providers, is a huge infringement on freedom of speech and expression, and could result in lives being lost to abortion who might otherwise be saved.

If you live in Ontario, please click here to find your MPP and contact Attorney General Yasir Naqvi at // 416-326-2220 // 416-325-7754 (Queen's Park office).

Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet Ministers:

The Liberal Government has shuffled its Cabinet and a number of Ministers have been introduced to Cabinet for the first time and/or shuffled to new positions within the Cabinet. Let's cover these individuals in prayer as they make important decisions regarding our nation.

To see a list of the government's Cabinet Ministers, please click here.

The Conservative Party of Canada's new party leader Andrew Scheer has also appointed his Shadow Cabinet in recent weeks. Let's pray that these individuals would challenge and encourage the government to make wise and righteous decisions for our nation.

To see a list of the Official Opposition's shadow cabinet, please click here.

NDP Leadership Election:

The Federal NDP will elect a new leader on October 15th. Currently in the running are:

▪ Charlie Angus
▪ Niki Ashton
▪ Guy Caron
▪ Jagmeet Singh
Charlie Angus
Niki Ashton
Guy Caron
Jagmeet Singh

Please pray that the most righteous candidate would win the leadership and that the NDP would have God's heart and wisdom on issues as they arise in Parliament.

MY Canada's Parliamentary Delegation:

We are taking a group of passionate young adults ages 15-35 to speak to approximately 65 Parliamentarians regarding these bills, motions, and more this November 5th-11th.

Please click here to learn more or e-mail us at to request an application. Applications are due September 24th.


Thank you for tracking these important issues with us. Please stay tuned for more ways to be a voice for righteousness on these and more in the months ahead.




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MY Canada is hosting national prayer conference calls every second Tuesday at noon EST.

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