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Another year comes to a close with promises of new experiences ahead! I hope your holiday season has nourished you with the presence and support of family and friends, enriched you with laughter and beauty, and provided opportunities to rest and recharge. May 2019 bring more of the same!


Movement Practice: Connect Shoulders to Walking

Elbows to Knees

Click image for short lesson.

Many of us think we walk with our feet and legs. Maybe the hip joints too. But when we walk this way, our balance is often compromised. And our walk may not feel -- or look -- smooth and comfortable. The shoulder blades and ribs are crucial players in walking well. Try this short movement exploration from Dr. Ruthy Alon's Walk for Life® . It's done sitting in a chair with your elbows on your knees to help you connect your shoulders to your feet. It's less than 6 minutes long and is a sample of the kind of movement lessons we'll be exploring in January. Click here.

Improve Walking -- Focus on Feet & Legs

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Join one of the Awareness Through Movement® classes to:
• Improve alignment and flexibility
• Discover fluid coordination with the shoulders and arms
• Feel more confident and balanced
• Walk with natural ease and grace

Chintimini Senior Center

Location: 2601 NW Tyler Street, Corvallis -- 541-766-6959
Tuesdays Jan 8 - Feb 5 -- 10:30 - 11:30 am
$32 in-city discount; $40 regular fee; $8 drop in if space. Classes tend to fill so sign up early at the center or online. You'll need to set up an account if you don't have one.

Can't get to the floor? A raised platform allows you to participate. PLEASE CHECK WITH ME FIRST ABOUT AVAILABILITY. Click here to do so

Friends Meeting House - 3311 NW Polk

Tuesdays Jan 8 - Feb 5 -- 12:00 noon - 1 pm

Register at first class please. $40 for series; $10 drop in/session.

Bring mat or blanket for carpeted floor. Please do not park in front of neighboring homes.

What's the right class for you? Please contact me--details below

Mindful Movement with Parkinson's - Thursdays

arm to ceiling

1:15 - 2:15 pm -- Chair-based

2:30 - 3:30 pm -- Faster-paced - includes floor work

Both classes include short Feldenkrais-based movement processes and Parkinson's Wellness Recovery Moves (PWR!Moves) addressing the movement challenges of PD. We also include cognitive challenges, balance and fall prevention practice, and address individual concerns.
Location: Fitness Over Fifty: 6735 SW Country Club Dr Corvallis -- 541-929-5555
Dates & Cost: Thursdays
Jan 10, 17, 24 and 31 ($45); Drop-in $15/class.
Feb 7, 14, 21 and 28 ($45); Drop-in $15/class.

New students--first class session free!

More Info? Click here or Contact me in advance to determine right class for you

For More Information

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Contact me: or 541-286-4678

or check out: My Website

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