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Bay Area-by-way-of-Ukraine rapper SASH is ready to make some noise with his latest project, Black Caviar, which is brimming with witty wordplay and shimmering bangers made for late nights and wild parties.

Chances are you may recognize the name on the strength of the EP’s standout singles, “Mona Lisa” and “Make Her Say.” Both portray the young spitter as a man of style who enjoys indulging on more than a few substances, hence the cheekily named “Mona Lisa.” And even though these two tracks help to introduce SASH and his approach to the world, they don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

As SASH tells it, he’s influenced equally by the good and bad he’s seen. “Everything I rap about in my songs is taken directly from my life experiences, things that have happened to me,” he explains. And even though he was more introspective on “Days and Days,” he doesn’t see his lifestyle slowing down in the near future. For SASH, “The grind never stops.”

As mentioned, the kid hails from the Ukraine, a war-torn country in Eastern Europe that he acknowledges on several BC joints, but especially on the lavish “Make Her Say” when he raps: “You don’t need a plan when survival ain’t an option/ You don’t understand, you ain’t from the places I been/ Eastern European Union tellin’ you what’s poppin’.” Hearing this opens your ears to someone who’s clearly been through some sh*t—but who’s also living it up through partying, sex, and drugs.

At least, that much is apparent on the aforementioned “Days and Days,” which closes the EP on a more reflective note. In between bars about a lost love and his hustle, SASH acknowledges the downside to the fast life when he raps bars like, “I been on the drugs and caught up in the deep end,” and “Lost in my ways, I don’t know which way I should go.” In spite of everything and all the boasting, he’s still a young man making his way, and that’s what makes BC such an endearing listen.

Black Caviar is out now on iTunes and all major digital retailers and streaming services, courtesy of EEU Records.

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