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▪ 2022 Event Updates
▪ News, Interviews and More
▪ New Books of Interest
2022 Event Updates
News, Interviews and More
New Books of Interest


Lectures, workshops and conferences that may be of interest to you.

Awaken-July image

July 23-24 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Online

Rob Schwartz workshop
Info/Register: SoulPlan

July 22-24 - Healing Days - Online

Master Sha workshop presented by the Laszlo Institute
Info/Register: TaoCalligraphy

July 25-20 - Intuitive Medicine Summit - Free Online

30+ experts in the field of intuitive medicine share their knowledge, practical exercises and techniques to decode the body's signals and strengthen health and healing. No charge.
Info/Register: IntuitMed

July - Shamanic Journeying for Community Healing - Online

Sandra Ingerman shares practices for navigating perilous times. Free Video Event 1-hour. Optional multi-week course
Info/Register: Journeying

Aug 18-21 - Helping Parents Heal - Scottsdale, AZ

Conference to journey from bereaved to shining light parent
Info/Register: Helping

Aug 31 - Sept 4 - TIMELESS ONENESS - SLC, UT

IANDS Annual Conference
with online option
Info/Register: IANDS2022

Sept 18-Oct 30 - The Five Worlds - Online

Four Sunday workshop intensives with Lisa Rafel
Info/Register: 5Worlds


Sept 22-25 - Awakened Connections: Living a Consciously Connected and Divinely Guided Life - NC

Suzanne Giesemann retreat at Art of Living Retreat Center
Info/Register: AOLAwake

Nov 5-6 - Step Out of Victim Consciousness - Online

Rob Schwartz workshop, with German translation
Info/Register: Step Out

Nov 19-20 - Between Lives Soul Regression - Online

Rob Schwartz workshop, with Spanish translation
Info/Register: BLSR

ANYTIME - Discover the Science behind the Heart's Intelligence - Online

Rollin McCraty discusses how to achieve heart coherence - where the heart, brain, and nervous system are aligned and in sync - and shares a practice to shift from stressed out to wellbeing. Free Video Event, 1-hour. Optional multi-week course.
Register: HeartMath

ANYTIME -Relaxing Into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace and Lightness of Being - Online

Ram Dass's recorded workshop on how to laugh more, fear less, and accept everything as a blessing. Free Video Event, 1-hour. Optional multi-week course.
Register: Relax-Aging

ANYTIME - Communicate Soul to Soul with the Spirit World - Online

Suzanne Giesemann Free Video Event, 1-hour. Optional multi-week course.
Register: Soul Communication

ANYTIME - Awakened Living - Online

Suzanne Giesemann free 2-hour workshop
Register: Awakened Living


More dates will be posted as information is available at Eternea Calendar.

We recommend you contact the presenter of an individual event to find out whether tickets are still available, before driving to an in-person event.


News, Interviews and More


Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, host of New Thinking Allowed, on winning First Place in the 2021 contest hosted by the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies! To read all 29 winning essays:
Bigelow Essays

Life After Life Blog Selections (New topics: Psychedelics at End of Life, Soul Plans and Losing Friendships)

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza: Understanding Grief, a blog for Psychology Today (New topics: Schizophrenia and the Family)

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll: Helping Souls Heal blog (New topics: Enjoy your Mousse and A Torn Flannel Shirt)

Dr. Eben Alexander explores topics on his blog

Rob Schwartz on Your Soul's Plan Learning to Listen

JNMD-Case Study: Recovery from E.coli Meningitis, by Drs. Khanna, Moore & Greyson


Eben Alexander in an extended conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove on Consciousness and the God Force

Eben Alexander with Dr. Dean Mitchell on The Smartest Doctor in the Room

Rob Schwartz joins Sarah Rossiter on The Psychic Artist

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join Nancy Addison to discuss Life, Death, Heaven and Frequencies on Organic Healthy Lifestyle

Eben Alexander joins Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty on I'm Still Here

Eben Alexander in conversation with Cynthia Sue Larson on Living the Quantum Dream

Jon Turk in conversation with Keith Powell on Talking Kootenay Books

Eben Alexander joins Anna Anderson in Australia on Quantum Living

Eben Alexander on Superhumanize with Ariane Sommer

Eben Alexander is a guest on Live with Ramana

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join Marla Hughes on Humanity's Path to Oneness

Rob Schwartz with Alex Ferrari on Next Level Soul

Rob Schwartz speaks with Michael Sandler on Inspire Nation

Suzanne Giesemann featured programs on the Messages of Hope Podcast

I Am Convinced Consciousness Survives - A talk with Dr. Raymond Moody

John Audette featured talk at Chicago IANDS


By Subscription: Inner Sanctum with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell


FREE/Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness

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New Books We Recommend

Here are some new books you might find of interest. Enjoy discovering the ones that have meaning for you!

God is Bigger than the Bible

By Raymond Moody

A deeply felt and carefully reasoned discussion…God is perceived to be nothing less than a universally compassionate creator for whom we are, quite literally, stories. God is interested only in making us more loving in this concept. These viewpoints are refreshing and often original. - NH, Amazon reader

Filled with timeless wisdom and mind-bending philosophical discussions, Dr. Moody combines his immense knowledge of philosophy and the human condition while sharing heartwarming personal stories of his experience with the divine. Dr. Moody opens the door for readers to experience a direct connection to a God of their own understanding. Highly informative and entertaining! I recommend God is Bigger Than the Bible to all seekers who yearn for a connection to a power beyond the self and to those who wish to break free from the often limiting perspectives of the modern religious structure.- Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD, author of Past Lives with Pets and Blast from the Past

Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen

By Bernard Beitman

Synchronicity connects you with nonlocal awareness and with others. Serendipity is opportunity meets preparedness. This book is an excellent guide. - Deepak Chopra, MD, author of Abundance, the Inner Path to Wealth

Bernard Beitman has spent decades studying coincidences as a curious and intelligent psychotherapist, and this resulting book is a tremendous gift to true seekers of the nature of reality. Besides the amazing evidence for human connection via the One Mind and related explanations just emerging from the modern study of human experience, the book provides powerful tools to enable each of us to greatly enrich our minds through expanded awareness of the role of synchronicity and serendipity in our lives. Highly recommended! - Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe

Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits and Messages from the Afterlife

By Camille Dan

A comprehensive illustration and collection of profound transformational experiences. A true validation of the multi-dimensional, expanded consciousness that is accessible to all. ‘Gathering at the Doorway’ opens up endless pathways for any seeker to be left with inspiration and an enriched outlook on the nature of consciousness. - Jacob Cooper, LCSW, author of Life After Breath

Gathering at the Doorway is an impressive array of true stories by authors and after-death communication experts. - Mark Anthony, JD, author of Never Letting Go, Evidence of Eternity and The Afterlife Frequency

The Secret That’s Holding You Back

By Vincent Genna

Brilliant! A masterpiece of self-discovery. If you're dissatisfied with any aspect of your life and want to know why, read this book. Honest, real, and relatable, the hard-earned wisdom Vincent Genna so capably shares in these pages gives you the tools to live a life beyond your dreams. - Suzanne Geisemann, author of Messages of Hope

Wow! This is some of the most mind-blowing material I have ever read...This book will take you beyond the limits you set for yourself. - George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast Radio

This one is not new, but newly discovered and still relevant today.

Our Timeless Year: Miracles of Love Lighten the Clouds of Dementia

By Beverly Hamilton

[This] is the only book I know of that deals with perceiving such an important condition through a spiritual lens. When our loved ones develop dementia or Alzheimer's one feels so helpless in the face of this diagnosis. We succumb to an attitude of fear, thus blocking the possibility of giving them present love. This book gives us, through personal history, a sense that there is another way to respond to this frightening illness. It gives us tools to use to achieve a feeling of inner peace in which to be of service to the one afflicted. – J.W., Amazon Reader

A journey of the heart on every page! This book contains such important guidelines about how to be a skillful and loving companion to someone with Dementia. But much more than that, there is a lesson on nearly every page about how to embrace and find light and love in a place that most view negatively and label as "disease", "decline" and "loss". – An Amazon Reader


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