Launching Tours for Youth Entrepreneurs Greetings, Bay Area Green Tours Board of Advisors! I am checking in with you to be sure you received this no

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Launching Tours for Youth Entrepreneurs


Greetings, Bay Area Green Tours Board of Advisors!

I am checking in with you to be sure you received this notification about our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign to bring awareness and support for our efforts to raise $12,000 to take Youth Impact Hub Oakland Fellows on a series of social entrepreneurship tours and a retreat featuring innovative enterprises throughout the Bay Area. Please check out our fabulous perks below!

Thank you Kevin Danaher for your generous donation!

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Please visit our Indiegogo Campaign today and check out the cool video! We welcome your contribution and also your help with promoting this campaign to your networks - please check out the text we have supplied you with to do that easily, below.

We are raising funds for two particular projects: (Itineraries below.)

A tour series focused on exposing Youth Hub Fellows to exciting models of social entrepreneurship
A retreat for Youth Hub Fellows at Sabor Mexicano Farm

Itineraries for Our Social Enterprise Tour & Retreat!

BAGT Itinerary

Bay Area Social Entrepreneurship Tour

Farm Itinerary

Cancun Restaurant and Sabor Mexicano Farm Retreat

Video of Inspiring Youth Hub Fellows!

Meet the dynamic young entrepreneurs in this video! They are quite inspiring HERE


Here’s how you can help:

Donate now - every dollar counts towards enriching the lives of our youth and our community. Early contributions will help us gain the necessary momentum to achieve our goal.

Share our message - promoting our cause provides invaluable exposure and will inspire additional support from people less familiar with our work. Below we’ve provided links, graphics and taglines for you -- please share our Indiegogo Campaign on Facebook and Twitter!

Join us - as a Business Partner you can become one of the influential enterprises we highlight on our customized social entrepreneurship tours, providing unique insight into your business’ successful development - this is the stuff that inspires hope!

BAGT’s Indiegogo Campaign highlights our focus on forwarding social innovation and sustainability, and is devoted to expanding the reach of our work deep into the heart of our community. If we raise more than our goal, we would be thrilled to offer these tours to other young social entrepreneurs.

Spread the love and abundance for all!


Fundraising Campaign Perks!

Please check out our Indiegogo Campaign to read about some of the exciting perks like these:


Every dollar brings us closer to achieving this goal, and we deeply appreciate your support, no matter how big or small!


Our Extraordinary Partners

We would like to thank the incredible businesses featured as Tour Stops on these Social Entrepreneurship tours: WOW Farm Produce, Mandela Foods Cooperative, The Berkeley Music Group at the UC Theatre, The New Parkway Theater, Junior Chef's Society, Owl N Wood, Red Bay Coffee, 25th Street Collective

We are also truly thrilled to work with our primary partners on this project, listed below.

YOUTH IMPACT HUB OAKLAND (YIHO) has joined forces with BAGT to offer its Youth Hub Fellows an empowering series of social entrepreneurship tours that will provide an insider’s view of inspiring enterprises throughout the Bay Area. Youth Hub Fellows are under-represented young social innovators who have been hand-picked for a year-long social enterprise incubation and implementation program. YIHO creates a pipeline for low-income youth of color to participate in creating business enterprises that address social and environmental issues. YIHO is a multi-sector collaboration between United Roots, Youth SEED and Impact Hub Oakland.

IMG 2695

Lanese Martin facilitating the Youth Hub Fellowship

IMG 2678-2

The Fellows work hard, but they also play hard!


In addition to the series of social entrepreneurship tours, BAGT will also be offering Youth Hub Fellows an enlightening retreat and tour of Sabor Mexicano Farm, where farming ace Jorge Saldana harvests produce for use in his highly-acclaimed restaurants. These activities will provide a first-hand look at the processes involved with a successful sustainable business. Of Jorge’s farm, Impact Hub Oakland Co-Founder Konda Mason said: "What an ideal location for our staff retreat! The house and land provided us with everything we needed...and more. We were able to leave the city behind and allow this beautiful environment to engulf us and stimulate the space we needed to unwind and imagine what's possible!" Check out this article in Edible East Bay.

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Sabor Mexicano Farm

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Social Entrepreneur and Farmer Jorge Saldana

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School Group at Sabor Mexicano Farm

HUB at SM Farm

Impact Hub Oakland Staff Retreat at Sabor Mexicano

One of over 50 Hubs around the world, Impact Hub Oakland is an entrepreneurial community, coworking space and event space for change-makers who are creating positive impact. This growing network utilizes the power of entrepreneurship and collaboration to generate and advance innovative approaches to both local and global social and environmental challenges. We are grateful to this phenomenal organization for supporting our work!


Project5 supports entrepreneurs by providing the resources and guidance needed for early-stage ideas, and new initiatives for already existing businesses. This entrepreneurial support agency simplifies the complex by providing an ecosystem of curated consultants with expertise in marketing, finance, business development, technology and legal -- the five core principles of bringing an idea or new initiative to launch.


Tools to Promote: Please Help The Youth Social Entrepreneur Tours & Farm Retreat Become a Reality!

Please Promote Youth Social Entrepreneur Tours Through Your Network!
Since you’re a busy person, we’re sending the following tools in the hope that you'll be inspired to help our cause. It's as easy as copying and pasting the text below to your relevant social media platforms. Endless THANK YOUS for your contributions of money and time!!!!

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Indiegogo Campaign - Support Experiential Tours for Underrepresented Youth
Bay Area Green Tours is partnering with Youth Impact Hub Oakland to sponsor a series of Social Entrepreneurship Tours, connecting local underrepresented youth to successful social enterprises and community business leaders throughout the Bay Area. Contribute to the campaign here.

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On a Personal Note

It's been exciting to watch the rise in consciousness and the continued growth of socially and environmentally responsible businesses. 25 years ago I was introduced to these concepts when I attended my first Social Venture Network gathering. 15 years later I served on the board of the Sustainable Business Alliance. I’m thrilled to see how this consciousness has grown exponentially, and that all signs point to this trend continuing.

We would be deeply grateful if you would help us spread the word about our Indiegogo Campaign, so that we can maximize our network, surpass our fundraising goal, and produce a farm retreat and social entrepreneurship tours for the Youth Hub Fellows and possibly more youth groups. We at BAGT are thrilled to create, through our Indiegogo campaign, an opportunity to help inspire the next generation of social change agents!

With gratitude,