News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 109 July 2014 Dear Reader, It's hard to believe we are more than half way through this year already! Where do


News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 109 July 2014


Dear Reader,

It's hard to believe we are more than half way through this year already! Where does the time go?

Life can be crazy at times. It's as if we're in Looking Glass Land where, as the Red Queen tells Alice, "... it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place".

And we also have those crazier days when, like Alice, we could say "I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then". :)

However, in spite of the craziness, we hope you're enjoying the journey as much as we are. And we also hope that Starlink gives you a boost - or a little respite - each month along the way.

Till next time, enjoy!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Youth Disability Rights


A relatively new website, the Youth Disability Rights Hub is a powerful self-advocacy resource for young people with disabilities. It acts as a starting point for young people seeking information, resources, help and ideas to understand and stand up for their rights.

The site was established by the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, which works alongside young people with disabilities aged 12-25 to raise awareness of their rights and support them to achieve what they want. YDAS provides one-on-one support through individual advocacy services and also works on broader issues through our systemic advocacy. This broader work is directed by the YDAS steering committee, which is made up of young people with disabilities from across Victoria. ... YDAS believes young people with disabilities have the right to easily access information about laws and rights relevant to them.

Talking EcoLogical

Talking Ecological 298px

Environmental sustainability is a crucial issue these days for everyone: businesses; nonprofits; architects and town planners; local communities; federal, state and local governments. Everyone! So it's great to have news about Talking EcoLogical, a fantastic new resource prooduced by Innovative Resoruces and Ian McBurney.

Talking EcoLogical is a set of 40 cards for anyone wanting to open up reflection and conversation about environmental sustainability.

They can be used for team building, personal reflection, journalling and creative writing, evaluation and assessment, goal setting and planning, research and organisational change.

Chair Chi Training (Level One)


Adelaide: Monday 25 August, Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 55 Frome Street, Adelaide

Our Chair Chi Training (Level One) workshop is for aged care professionals, carers or volunteers. It is based on an innovative, gentle exercise program that Chris has been delivering in aged care centres across Melbourne for almost two years. The program teaches people how to deliver Chair Chi sessions for residents to enhance physical, psychological, social and emotional wellbeing.

The registration fee of $341 (incl GST) covers the workshop, morning tea, lunch and a comprehensive workbook as an ongoing resource and reference.

We're aware of the challenges for those in more remote areas who have to travel to capital cities for professional development activities. So a discount on the registration fee is available for anyone from a remote region. We also provide discounted registration when three or more attend from one organisation. Should either of these options be of interest, please contact us for further details, as they are not available via our automated online registration system.

A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry


Adelaide: Tuesday 26 August, Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 55 Frome Street, Adelaide

Our Taste of Appreciative Inquiry workshop is for all those who are 'dipping their toes' in the water of AI and would like to learn the essentials of this approach. It covers key concepts fundamental to the philosophy and practice of Appreciative Inquiry.

Appreciative Inquiry is a strength-focused approach for stakeholder consultation, engagement and planning, whether internally or external to an organisation. It is used extensively by local governments, communities, nonprofit groups and businesses around the world.

The registration fee of $341 (incl GST) covers the workshop, morning tea, lunch and a pack of professionally produced reference cards published by Appreciating People in the UK. (These card sets are available in Australia exclusively through BJ Seminars International and provide an excellent ongoing resource and reference after the workshop.) .

As with our Chair Chi workshop (above) we offer discounts for anyone travelling from a remote region or for three or more coming from the same organisation. Contact us for details.

The Good Practice Guide to Child Aware Approaches


Child Aware Approaches is a grassroots initiative that engages civil society to develop local approaches, actions and initiatives to keep children safe and well, recognising that protecting children is a shared responsibility.

This paper defines Child Aware Approaches, outlines the philosophies and principles underpinning this strategy, and offers case study examples of how the principles can be applied in practice. This paper is intended for service managers and practitioners working with vulnerable children and families, particularly those working in adult-focused service sectors.

The paper is available online, as a downloadable pdf and an audio podcast. You can also download a printable version of an infographic: The principles of Child Aware Approaches

Out and About on the Web




Nonprofit Answer Guide


Amazing Grace (Pan Flute)


Through Our Eyes

Giving is the Best Communication


Our thanks to Chris's colleague Judy Ringer for sending us the link to this little video on YouTube, reminding us that giving is the best communication.

It definitely has that 'lump-in-the-throat' factor - yet it's actually a commercial! If they were all like this, most of us would not go make a cuppa or flick channels during commercial breaks!

Judy also writes a blog called Ki Moments. As she explains, Ki (pronounced “key”) is Japanese for universal energy or life force; it’s the symbol I use as my logo. Ki Moments are those moments in which you are fully aware of your life force and your ability to influence your environment. Ki Moments hold challenge and opportunity. How you handle them is what makes life interesting and powerful.

So true - thanks Judy!

Pain Management Network

pain management network

Developed by the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, the Pain Management Network website is an excellent resource for anyone suffering chronic pain, as well as for health care professionals. Resources are divided under three main headings:

For Everyone
For Youth (PainBytes)
Health Professionals
Under development (not yet available) is a fourth collection of resources specifically related to spinal injury pain.

School for Social Entrepreneurs


The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia runs learning programs across Australia for people from all backgrounds that have an idea or business with a community benefit.

Unlike a traditional school, SSE Australia is non-academic and based on a ‘learning by doing’ approach. Students gain practical business and life skills that they can apply directly to their ventures. SSE Australia, founded in early 2009, is based on the highly successful SSE UK founded in 1997 by serial social entrepreneur Michael Young. In addition to our Australian schools in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, there are 12 Schools in the UK and one in Canada (Toronto) with a global network of over 1,200 Fellows (including 250 in Australia).

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