Dear All,

I have been nested away for the last few weeks avoiding heavy rain storms and writing for two exciting, upcoming linguistic projects. The first is an interview with BEYOUROWN. They offer daily interviews online with worldwide leading ladies who tell their stories, offer advice and share their knowledge. Mine will be released online on July 13th.

Over the years many of you have suggested I write a book. I haven't quite got there yet, although it is coming through more strongly these days! However, I have just completed the final edits of my chapter for a book that I have been invited to contribute to. It is an inspirational book about eight entrepreneurial women's experiences of Abundance. Written by women for women, aimed in particular at single mums who want to create change in their life as entrepreneurs. The book is due out on Amazon later in the year and I'll keep you posted as to when it's available.

I have also taken this time to start going through ten years of photos and videos on my hard drive. I've been putting this off for quite some time as there is always far too much dancing and prancing to be done! This is one video I rediscovered with very fond and emotional memories. I visited the Priestess in Bali for her water blessing a number of times. This was an impromptu capturing after a special blessing I shared with my lovely friend Noni. I find it magical how these ancient rituals, passed on for generations have such a profound impact on our wellbeing...

I have such a variety of workshops coming up in the UK. Catch me if you can!
Click the links below to find out more.....


4 - 11th: Funoon Dance Camp Morocco with Nawarra

14 - 16th: Jan's Torquay Bellyspa

22nd: Indian Afternoon Tiffin Hafla and Workshops. Oxford

23rd: Awakened Bellydance ~ Inner dance. Cheltenham

23rd (evening): Inner dance @Soul Sanctuary Studios. Worcs ~ details coming soon!

27th - 30th: Inner Dance Facilitator Training. Bristol


The Kashtat Bedu Indian adventures are selling out fast! Experience the real India with a well traversed veteran (that's me!) Even after living there for nine years that country always manages to bring me more wonderful delights and surprises!

INDIA 2019

27th Jan - 3rd Feb: NEW retreat Magical Yoga and Sacred Dance Adventures in collaboration with Tranquil Times. This retreat is in a new secluded venue perfect for relaxation and connection. *special summer price of £1200

You could then continue your stay for a second or even third adventures of a different kind. This time in collaboration with Tribe Zuza....

8 - 17th Feb: Rajasthani dances and performance with Colleena Shakti, Bollywood, ATS, holy lake, temples and camels in Pushkar

23rd Feb - 4th Mar: NEW retreat Tantric and Mystical temples of Khujaraho combined with sacred dances, meditation and an Indian dance festival


4 - 19th May: Awakened Bellydance Facilitator Training. Applications now open.

Testimony from an AwBd Facilitator:
'Beautiful sisters I just wanted to send you all my love and Gratitude for being you. I cannot express in words how much you all mean to me and how blessed I feel to share this journey with you. As you know my life has been thrown into kind of chaos with the change at work, loss of income and having the feeling of being betrayed and stabbed in the back. But even though all this is happening I just feel this immense gratitude and excitement. I feel freedom and opportunity. I feel like I'm shedding those who wanted to have control over me. It's like this chaos is helping me re-align, to grow, to be more. I feel like there is this huge storm and I am in the middle of it, but here in the middle all is still. It's around me, but no longer affects me, no longer terrifies me. I feel I am becoming. I don't know if that makes sense to you. I know what I'm trying to say but words fail me. Anyway I just wanted to remind you how amazing you all are and that I love you'

6 - 13th July: NEW retreat Luminous Feminine Retreat. Black Sea, Bulgaria. Delighting in Awakened Bellydance, Inner dance & Sacred dances with Katie ~ Tantra, Shamanics & Shanties with Rosa. We are just 7 mins walk to a wild beach!

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