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90% of Americans think they are in good health (under 3% are).

2/3 of Americans are overweight--1/3 are obese. The stores are crammed with crap that should never see the insides of a human being. And yet, 75% of Americans say they eat healthy (NPR). 80% of Americans don't get the recommended exercise to maintain health (CDC). Only 31% make exercise a regular habit; 45% aren't active at all (UPI). Just 8% have meditated--not necessarily regularly (NIH).

Just 2.7% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle (Mayo Clinic). 1 in 3 don't get enough sleep; another 1 in 3 suffer chronic pain (CDC). We are the only developed country with a life expectancy stuck in the 70s -- all the rest range from over 81 to over 84. We compare ourselves to each other to evaluate our health, but being healthier than the person in the hospital bed next to yours doesn't make you healthy.

I watch people twisting themselves into pretzels with any approach conceivable except actually addressing diet, exercise, and meditation. That's like trying to fix a bucket with a whole in it by using different ways to put the water in the bucket. Or, "I know what to do--I just need to do it." Honestly? Not true--or you'd already be doing it. Either you don't know, or you're not going to do it.


Much of what we think is "aging" is actually the consequences of poor health. And, if we're all as healthy as we think, why do so many conversations feature virtual competitions to see who is sickest? "My knee is so bad." "That's nothing--you should have my headaches!" "You're both lucky--to have my bad back!"

Get a free health and wellness coaching session.

Change direction -- sign up for a free 25 min. health and wellness coaching session before the end of July. I'm offering these to get in my 50 required logged sessions to apply for the National Board Exam in Health and Wellness Coaching (application process opens Aug. 1). This is a big deal--it's the same organization that Board Certifies doctors! I'm already certified--but this is the gold standard.

And I want to help you! I've already helped several people with diet issues, weight, movement, exercise, meditation, and a few other health-related goals. I didn't tell them what to do...I helped them find their own best options, and when we found them, they said "Oh! That's easy enough!" That means their diet, exercise, and/or meditation is ALREADY better, and that they are on the path to consistently better health. THAT'S what a free health and wellness coaching session can do.

Just choose a time and tell me what you want to work on. That's it. That simple. Click here to sign up for a day and time that suits you (in July). I will call you at that time, and we'll explore your issue. No sales, no back-end, no gimmicks--just 25 min. of free coaching for whatever you most need to address.

See you then!

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing, Health and Wellness

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