Dear Friends, This year's Independence Day ceremony at Mt. Herzl paid tribute to women from all echelons of Israeli society. These women trailblazers


Dear Friends,

This year's Independence Day ceremony at Mt. Herzl paid tribute to women from all echelons of Israeli society. These women trailblazers are breaking barriers, defying stereotypes and wielding their influence in the corridors of power in order to advance the status of women. The message is clear: each and every one of us has something to contribute to the struggle for women's empowerment in our own community. As strong and assertive WIZO women we have the power to make a difference.

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division
World WIZO


Photo by Harry Engels/Getty Images

Shocking Poll: More Than 1 In 4 Adults Worldwide Harbor Anti-Semitism

The first-ever global survey of anti-Semitic attitudes released Tuesday, 13th May by the Anti-Defamation League shows that more than a quarter of the world’s population harbors intense anti-Jewish sentiment, with region, more than religion, shaping people’s view of Jews and Judaism. View the results of the ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism


Listen to South African Christians speak out for Israel

The steady rise of African Zionism

There is something quite remarkable happening on the African continent. A groundswell of love and support from African Christians for the State of Israel, forged in biblical ties and a mutual love of the land. Read more..
This insightful article was written by Rolene Marks, passionate advocate for Israel and devoted WIZO volunteer.


Proud to be defiant, Israeli women strut their stuff

Hundreds of protestors marched through the streets of central Tel Aviv on 9th May, 2014 as part of the SlutWalk (Mitzad Hasharmutot) global protest. The worldwide series of marches protests the objectification of women, and the increasing prevalence of sexual harassment. Read more...


Women kosher supervisors: A step toward gender equality?

In a step that further expands the opportunities for women to serve as recognized authorities in Jewish law, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate for the first time is allowing women to serve as kosher supervisors. Nine women took the Chief Rabbinate’s kosher supervision exam last week in Jerusalem. Read more...


Watch the video, it's worth every second

Project ‘Great in Uniform’: integrating those with special needs into the IDF

Only in Israel would mentally handicapped and physically disabled young adults be given the opportunity to serve in the Israeli army, giving them a sense of belonging and self-worth, and promoting a culture of acceptance and appreciation. Read more...


Rare snapshots reveal softer side of Israeli leaders

"Prime Ministers in Their Slippers," the latest exhibit from the Knesset provides an inside look at Israeli politicians away from the controversy, the debates, the drama, and the politics. Instead, it shows them in their most comfortable moments. To view the online exhibition...


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