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This is the second newsletter introducing the business concept of Casa Muriel Senior Living Center, proposed for Antigua, Guatemala in 2020-21. If you missed it, look for the first newsletter in your inbox, March 23-26th. Or, just phone me for a personal response… (502) 3315-1555. I designed a small website, just published online this week: GuatemalaRetirement.com.

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Casa Muriel – Planning Stages

As of now, the plan is for a 20-unit home in the outskirts of Antigua: Studios, apartments and bungalows with a full-service dining area and media center. From majestic westerly views of the sunset and volcanoes, to the in-house medical clinic and the serene secret garden for meditation, nurturing the body and spirit will feature prominently in the plans of our architects and medical advisers.

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Who are Our Residents at Casa Muriel?

They are the Woodstock generation: the census boomers, the rock and rollers, technology innovators, activists, educators, champions, trend setters, lovers and world travelers. Our community attracts the thinkers, doers and givers who gave rise to the next impassioned generation, and then another after that. For a hundred different reasons, these travelers settled here, to their homes in Guatemala.

For our residents at Casa Muriel, the passion remains the same, but the focus has changed. (no, seriously… where are my reading glasses?)

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Activities, Discussions and Classes

Social engagement and community interaction keep our brains active and rejuvenated, constantly processing new skills and ideas. Casa Muriel will have interesting activities scheduled every day for our residents and their friends and neighbors. Local celebrities will be invited to discuss their art and techniques at the Casa Muriel community center. Musicians, sailors, artists, weavers, and archaeologists can offer expert-level knowledge and decades of experience to stimulate the conversation.

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Health and Well-Being

Physical activity and a healthy diet of natural foods are the first steps to maintaining flexibility and stamina. When you need extra attention, skilled nursing care and personal assistance is on-site 24/7 in the clinic. Through our affiliation with Guatemala Medical Travel, Casa Muriel offers VIP medical procedures with some of the best providers in Guatemala, in dozens of specialties.

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Making Our Dreams a Reality

Investing in a high-demand industry with a substantially growing market is not only a smart financial move, but the right thing to do for our community. Casa Muriel offers attractive opportunities for large and small investors. Contact Lori Shea at Lori@GuatemalaRetirement.com for a summary of financial projections, property design proposal, or a complete business plan presentation for your group.

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Thanks for your kind attention, interest and support.

Warm Regards,
Lori Shea

Muriel in the "Jesus Chair" at Nim Po't Handicrafts, Fifth Avenue, La Antigua Guatemala, 2013

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