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Welcome to the Newsletter!

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ROCK WEDDING is now out worldwide!

I'm so excited for you to read this sweet, emotional, and sexy second-chance romance! I hope you enjoy Abe and Sarah's journey back toward one another.

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My Comic Con appearance schedule. (Can't wait to see some of you there!)

Early reviews for Rock Wedding.

And, as promised in back of Rock Wedding, a short story featuring David and Thea, titled "With this Memo."


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p.s. If you missed the last two newsletters, which included a sneak peek of "Partners in Persuasion" from WILD EMBRACE, as well as a excerpt from ROCK WEDDING, you can view a combined July newsletter via the following link:

July Newsletter

Rock Wedding Q1

Reviews for ROCK WEDDING

"...I absolutely LOVED. IT. Abe and Sarah’s heart-wrenching story of love, forgiveness, and redemption swept me away and stole my heart. This is one of the best second chance romances I’ve ever read..." - Booklovers for Life

"I want a romance novel to weave a spell of comfort, escape, and hope over my soul...This is one of those books. If you’re a sucker for second-chance romances, Rock Wedding is simply a must." - All About Romance (Desert Isle Keeper)

"Rock Wedding was one of those books that just gave me all the feels before eventually leaving me with warm fuzzies and a sappy smile." - The Book Queen

"...this book is both beautiful and breaks my heart..." - Heroes & Heartbreakers

"Rock Wedding is a second chance love story that left me with a happy buzz...These two took all the knocks but managed to come out the other side with smiles on their faces." - Stacey Is Sassy

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Comic Con San Diego Appearances

Click here for the Comic Con Program Schedule

Thursday 21st July
Horton Grand Theatre
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: The Smitten Word: Romancing the Reader

Panel info: Bestselling authors Sylvia Day (Crossfire novels), Christina Lauren (Beautiful series), Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling series), Chloe Neill (The Devil’s Isle & Chicagoland Vampires series), and Tessa Dare (CastlesEver After series) turn up the heat at SDCC with discussions on the power of romance, the range and voice of the genre, blush-inducing conversation, and have a hilarious battle over movies, TV shows, and Hollywood’s hottest. Moderated by Helen Kay Dimon (Bad Boys Undercover series).

Signing - Autograph Area (Under the Sails): AA 09
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Saturday 23rd July
Booth 1514
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Penguin Random House Booth Signing. I will be signing copies of Slave to Sensation.

Rock Wedding - Copy

Exclusive Extra: Bonus Rock Kiss Story

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With This Memo

By Nalini Singh

Thea’s wedding day dawned bright and clear, the heavy humidity that had been plaguing Bali having lifted in the night. She’d grown up here, could taste the weather, knew it would hold until tonight at least.

She smiled a smile so deep it threatened to carve itself permanently on her face: her and David’s wedding day was going to be beautiful.

Checking the little clock on her bedside table, she saw she had plenty of time to go downstairs to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee before showering. Her father would likely also be up, would’ve got the pot going. Thea would have a cup with him, this man who’d raised her as his own and who’d always been there for all three of his daughters.

Her heart filled, overflowed.

She got out of bed, stretched, then smiled again. She was about to marry the man she loved with everything in her. And that wedding would take place in front of the people they loved and who loved them in turn. Thea couldn’t imagine that she could be any more happy than she was at this moment.

It was as she was walking to her door to pull on the robe that hung on the back that she saw the envelope lying on the gleaming wood of the floor. It had clearly been pushed under the door. She picked it up, found her name written on it in a distinctive hand. Butterflies taking flight in her stomach, she returned to the bed, sat down, and opened the envelope to discover a handwritten memo.

To: Thea Arsana
From: David Rivera

In which I, your future husband, attempt to convince you that I am not an idiot and that you should still marry me.

Yes, I know I have a tattoo of a daisy on my ass, but in my defense, at the time I made the decision to get said daisy I was drinking some stuff that shouldn’t be legal. I’d argue that this is an indisputable case of diminished responsibility.

Also, even stone drunk, I apparently would not shut up about how much I love you. Abe told me that I asked the tattoo artist to ink your name around the daisy.

Thea began to giggle, the sound so unusual coming from her throat that had her sisters heard her, they’d have come in at once to investigate. Thankfully, as teenagers, they were still comatose at this hour.

Abe, however, was able to talk me out of that genius idea. Apparently by telling me that you’d kick my ass if I put your name on that ass. After which, I asked the tattoo guy to ink your name in ten-inch letters across my back and I was apparently quite belligerent when Abe hauled me off and told me it was Fox’s turn for a daisy. (No, I don’t know why daisies.)

Added to that... Okay, I have no other extenuating circumstances to put forward, but in conclusion, I say: no matter what, I love you. I’ll always love you. I can’t wait to be your husband.

Thea pressed the memo to her heart. It was her wedding day. She could be foolish and romantic if she wanted to be. And though she knew David was well aware she adored him, she found her phone and sent him a message anyway: I’ll marry you today, tomorrow, and any other day you want.

The response came fast for David—who was the slowest texter she’d ever known. It meant he’d started the reply as soon as he’d received her message.

I did get a tattoo of your name—yesterday, when I was as sober as a judge. You’ll have to find where it is on our wedding night. Clue: not anywhere near the daisy.

Thea laughed softly. Deal. She sent him some kisses, got some back... and then it was time to start getting ready for their wedding. But first, she made a silent promise to herself to write David a memo during their honeymoon. It might not be the language of romance for anyone else, but it was theirs. And each time she read one of his memos or wrote one to him, she remembered how much her drummer loved her. Enough to fight her demons and haul her right into his arms.

After carefully putting the memo in a safe place, she glanced over at where her wedding sari hung on a garment rack in front of the wardrobe; the dawn sunlight made it glow, catching on the fine metallic threads in the fabric and spilling golden light across the entire room.

Yes, it was going to be a beautiful day.

The best thing was that by the end of it, she’d wear David’s ring on her finger and he’d wear her ring on his. Signed, sealed… and memoed.

© Copyright 2016 by Nalini Singh

I hope you enjoyed that short story. If you'd like more information on the series, you can find excerpts and more on this page of the website.

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