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March has been a busy month for SEI! Since our last issue, we hosted Jon Schull of e-NABLE as part of our Spring 2018 Speaker Series, and a group of students traveled to the Dominican Republic over spring break to work with Project Esperanza on community and education programs that empower stateless, Haitian refugees.

In this edition, Professor Shaughnessy comments on the recent tragedy in Florida, and how some business leaders are taking the gun control issue into their own hands. Students write about their international and co-op experiences with social enterprise, and give us an in-depth look at innovative social enterprises like World Remit & Remitly, Afriflora, and Homeboy Industries.

As the semester is quickly coming to an end, make sure to stay up to date on all that SEI has planned in the coming weeks!


From the Founder & Executive Director

When Moral Clarity Trumps Financial Return: The Stoneman Douglas Tragedy and Dick’s Sporting Goods' Response
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy
The courageous students of Parkland are helping all of us to think more clearly about the social impact of businesses like gun manufacturers on the everyday lives of ordinary people. It was encouraging to see some business leaders stand alongside these students.
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Featured Read

Working with Haitian Refugees in the Dominican Republic — A Reflection From Alternative Spring Break
By Charlotte Fall
Over spring break, students from Northeastern traveled to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to work with Project Esperanza – an organization that serves the Haitian refugee population through education, social aid, and community development. Read more here.

News & Spotlight

The Scope of Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
By Natascha Elbech
Globalization may have opened up social, political and economic ties between the Asia-Pacific and the West, however, this economic prosperity has been poorly translated to Hong Kong’s locals, as rapid globalization has subsequently produced uneven development and wide margins of wealth disparities. Read more here.

Salesforce & (RED): Powe(RED) Innovation
By Kasey Lakin
The partnership between Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM company, and (RED) began on the 2015 U2 Innocence and Experience Tour when Salesforce joined Live Nation to sponsor the tour. At the World Economic Forum in 2016, Salesforce and (RED) announced a 5 year $5M partnership. Salesforce has a 1-1-1 model, which dedicates 1% of their technology, people, and resources to social impact organizations like (RED). Read more here.

To Understand How People Live Around the World, Take a Walk Down Dollar Street
By Joanna Moore
The politically, religiously, and economically neutral foundation built the platform Dollar Street as a tool to understand what different income levels and means of living look like all over the world. Visualizing the world as one street, with the poorest on the left, the richest on the right, and everyone else in between, Dollar Street aims to tackle the complexities and nuances of poverty and income with simplicity. Read more here.

From Roses to Riches, Afriflora Empowers an Ethiopian Community
By Georgia Horton
Located near Lake Ziway in Ethiopia, this social enterprise grows over 65 species of roses and processes 3 to 4 million each day. The sheer number of roses is astonishing, but what is even more impressive is the way that Afriflora operates as a successful business while remaining focused on its impact to the community and its people. Read more here.

Sending Money Overseas Will Become Easier for Developing Nations
By Kayla Vestergaard
Tides are changing in the remittance market. In addition to smaller start-ups like Remitly and WorldRemit that are partnering with messaging services to transfer money globally, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Alipay are researching how they can gain footholds in the market as well. Read more here.

Hope for Homies — Homeboy Industries Offers Second Chances to Gang Members

By Tess Alonge
Founded informally in 1992 (officially in 2001) by Father Greg Boyle, Homeboy Industries is a hybrid social enterprise in that seeks to provide hope, training, and support to men and women that are formerly gang-involved and/or previously incarcerated. The program touches over 10,000 members of the Los Angeles community each year. Read more here.

Vanu: Connecting the Unconnected
By Anastacia Villis
In a rapidly progressing technological world, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to some type of cellular network or internet connection if there is any of hope of being a functioning and contributing member of society. Vanu, Inc. is creating a potential solution for this problem of developing countries being both physically and socially isolated in this way. Read more here.



▪ SEISA Meeting with Nina Angeles, Fulbright Scholar & SEI Alumna - Wednesday, March 21st, 6-7pm, 011 Kariotis Hall
▪ SEI Speaker Series: Dustin Holland, VP of Global Sales & Marketing for Better World Books - Wednesday, March 28th, 6-7:15pm, 010 Behrakis Hall
SEISA Meeting with Nina Angeles, Fulbright Scholar & SEI Alumna - Wednesday, March 21st, 6-7pm, 011 Kariotis Hall
SEI Speaker Series: Dustin Holland, VP of Global Sales & Marketing for Better World Books - Wednesday, March 28th, 6-7:15pm, 010 Behrakis Hall

Get your tickets here!


Jobs & Internships

▪ Impact Guru, Content Writer (Mumbai, India)
▪ Imajine That, After School Teacher (Boston, MA)
▪, Portfolio Manager, South & Southeast Asia (Portland, OR)
▪ 70MillionJobs, Marketing Intern (San Francisco, CA)
▪ Boston Cares, Corporate Volunteer Project Manager (Boston, MA)
▪ Burro, Product Design Fellowship (Ghana)
▪ Committee Encouraging Corporate Philantrhopy, John C. Whitehead Internship (New York, NY)
Impact Guru, Content Writer (Mumbai, India)
Imajine That, After School Teacher (Boston, MA), Portfolio Manager, South & Southeast Asia (Portland, OR)
70MillionJobs, Marketing Intern (San Francisco, CA)
Boston Cares, Corporate Volunteer Project Manager (Boston, MA)
Burro, Product Design Fellowship (Ghana)
Committee Encouraging Corporate Philantrhopy, John C. Whitehead Internship (New York, NY)

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