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Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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Available in 3 sizes. Pick the size that's right for you.

Do you suffer from skin irritation and rashes caused by under breast sweat?

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads are disposable pads for the relief of under breast sweat and breast rashes designed to be worn with or without a bra. They are ideal for medium to larger breasted women with a B cup or larger.

Persper-eez is not only perfect for hot days but any day you want to be dry and confident. Whether you're heading out to exercise, putting on formal wear, getting ready to make that business presentation, are a pregnant woman experiencing breast growth, or you care for a senior with under breast sweat problems, Persper-eez is right for you!

Here's Another Way to Wear Persper-eez

We’ve heard from a couple of women that they are attaching the pads directly to their bra, laying the bra down on a flat surface and attaching the pads to the bottom edge of the bra, then putting it on. Let us know if you’ve tried it too. info@persper-eez.com.

Looking Your best - A Bra for Every Occasion

If you’re like most women, you walk into the lingerie department of a store and are immediately overwhelmed by the choices of style, color, size, and functionality. Where to start? It really depends on your particular need. Bras are designed for a variety of functions—support, comfort, maximizing or minimizing, with a variety of looks—seamless, plunging, lifting, strapless.

Once you decide what you need from the bra, you can choose the right one to help you look and feel fabulous, whatever the occasion. Happy shopping!

The basic T-shirt bra. Seamless and timeless, it fits your basic wardrobe needs. With molded cups of thin foam, the look is simple and clean. Great for any outfit, but especially for T-shirts and other clothing that needs a sleek, not-there look.
Fit Key: Find the size that fits so comfortably you forget you’re wearing it.

A strapless bra provides the versatility you need to wear anything from eveningwear to a shirt with spaghetti straps to a night on the town. Many brands have a strip of adhesive along the top of the cup to help keep the bra in place.
Fit Key: Support and security are a must. Underwire or not, choose a fit that provides support and feels secure without being too tight.

The deep plunge bra is designed for necklines that are either plunging or extremely low-cut. Generally, without frills, they provide support without peek-through and can create the appearance of increased cleavage.
Fit Key: Look for comfort and support as these bras don’t have the extra fabric that holds the cups together.

For a sexier look with more cleavage, choose the push-up bra. With or without frills, lace, or mesh, these bras give an extra boost that looks great under any outfit. You can get a similar look from the balcony or balconette bra which offers the same lift but covers only part of the breast.
Fit Key: Try this on ahead of the occasion to make sure there isn’t more skin showing than you’d planned.

Looking for one bra for several outfits? A convertible bra can provide several looks including strapless, one-strap, classic, halter, and crisscross (racerback). This bra provides support and versatility. A convertible bra with a low cut back can be worn under clothing that is backless or low-cut in the back.
Fit Key: Try the bra with all of the strap options, including strapless, to make sure you get the right look.

If you prefer going bra-less but need at least minimal coverage, try an adhesive cup bra. Great for deep front, back, or side necklines, and backless and strapless styles, the silicone bra stays in place with adhesive.
Fit Key: The adhesive cup won’t provide the support of a regular bra, so be sure it offers what you need.

Whatever the occasion, there’s a bra to provide the style, comfort, and support needed to make every outfit look amazing.

Our contributing writer, Stacy Monson, writes for local and national publications on a variety of topics from healthy living to Alzheimer's Disease. She is also a published author of numerous women’s fiction novels dealing with real-life topics such as identity, relationships, loss, and redemption. Get your copies today at AMAZON

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Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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