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We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 10, Issue 2 of the Journal of Huntington’s Disease (JHD).

The content in this issue begins with information about the formation of Stem Cells for Huntington’s Disease (SC4HD), followed by two review articles, and six research articles.The full contents of this issue can be accessed from the list below, along with the most read JHD articles.

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Stem Cells for Huntington’s Disease (SC4HD): An International Consortium to Facilitate Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access
The SC4HD Consortium

Do Changes in Synaptic Autophagy Underlie the Cognitive Impairments in Huntington’s Disease?Open Access
Grosso Jasutkar, Hilary | Yamamoto, Ai

Taming the Huntington’s Disease Proteome: What Have We Learned?Open Access
Seeley, Connor | Kegel-Gleason, Kimberly B.

Monitoring the Motor Phenotype in Huntington’s Disease by Analysis of Keyboard Typing During Real Life Computer Use
Lang, Christina | Gries, Christopher | Lindenberg, Katrin S. | Lewerenz, Jan | Uhl, Stefanie | Olsson, Christian | Samzelius, Jan | Landwehrmeyer, G. Bernhard

Predictors of Working Capacity Changes Related to Huntington’s Disease: A Longitudinal Study
van der Zwaan, Kasper F. | Jacobs, Milou | van Zwet, Erik W. | Roos, Raymund A.C. | de Bot, Susanne T.

Experiences of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Premanifest Huntington’s Disease
Eccles, Fiona J.R. | Craufurd, David | Smith, Alistair | Davies, Rhys | Glenny, Kristian | Homberger, Max | Rose, Leona | Theed, Rachael | Peeren, Siofra | Rogers, Dawn | et al.

GEORGE: A Pilot Study of a Smartphone Application for Huntington’s Disease
Waddell, Emma M. | Dinesh, Karthik | Spear, Kelsey L. | Elson, Molly J. | Wagner, Ellen | Curtis, Michael J. | Mitten, David J. | Tarolli, Christopher G. | Sharma, Gaurav | et al.

The Impact of Upcoming Treatments in Huntington’s Disease: Resource Capacity Limitations and Access to Care ImplicationsOpen Access
Guttman, Mark | Pedrazzoli, Marco | Ponomareva, Marina | Pelletier, Marsha | Townson, Louisa | Mukelabai, Kopano | Levine, Aaron | Nordström, Anna-Lena | et al.

Healthcare Delivery and Huntington’s Disease During the Time of COVID-19Openly Available
Pfalzer, Anna C. | Hale, Lisa M. | Huitz, Elizabeth | Buchanan, Danielle A. | Brown, Brittany K. | Moroz, Sarah | Rouleau, Renee M. | Hay, Kaitlyn R. | et al.


Most Read JHD Articles in Q1 2021

Listing articles published only in 2020 and 2021 so you can read the most popular recent content

Huntington’s Disease Pathogenesis: Two Sequential ComponentsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2021)
Hong, Eun Pyo | MacDonald, Marcy E. | Wheeler, Vanessa C. | Jones, Lesley | Holmans, Peter | Orth, Michael | Monckton, Darren G. | Long, Jeffrey D. | et al.

DNA Mismatch Repair and its Role in Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2021)
Iyer, Ravi R. | Pluciennik, Anna

FAN1, a DNA Repair Nuclease, as a Modifier of Repeat Expansion DisordersOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2021)
Deshmukh, A.L. | Porro, Antonio | Mohiuddin, Mohiuddin | Lanni, Stella | Panigrahi, G.B. | Caron, Marie-Christine | Masson, Jean-Yves | Sartori, A.A. | Pearson, C.E.

Huntington’s Disease Clinical Trials Corner: April 2020Openly Availabe (Clinical Trials Corner in Vol.9, Iss.2, 2020)
Rodrigues, Filipe B. | Wild, Edward J.

Drugging DNA Damage Repair Pathways for Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion DiseasesOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2021)
Benn, Caroline L. | Gibson, Karl R. | Reynolds, David S.

Special Issue: DNA Repair and Somatic Repeat Expansion in Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access (Editorial in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2021)
Jones, Lesley | Wheeler, Vanessa C. | Pearson, Christopher E.


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The portal hosts an extensive collection of well-curated primary scientific datasets, computational models and analyses derived from that data, and provides browsing and interrogation tools to facilitate data exploration and hypothesis generation, including the newly launched HDinHD Explorer tool that enables researchers to discover and explore a wide range of diverse yet interconnected HD-related data. Researchers can also access a newly-released collection of in vivo therapeutic intervention study reports alongside previously published reports. HDinHD aims to catalyze HD research by creating a data environment that synthesizes HD-related scientific data.

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