November 2015 Password Managers - what are they, and why would I want one? Security can be a pain, but with the use of a password manager it can be

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November 2015


Password Managers - what are they, and why would I want one?


Security can be a pain, but with the use of a password manager it can be a little easier. A password manager like LastPass (the one REMC recommends) can help you create more secure passwords, ensure you don't use the same passwords over and over, make them available securely from any computer so you don't lose them (and they aren't on a sticky note somewhere), and streamline entering them into the required websites.

Here are links to highly rated password managers :password manager as well as an article explaining more about them :why you should use a password manager


Meet Your REMC1 Staff


Doug Mechlin is a Copper Country native and local graduate, attended Michigan Tech University and later graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Business Administration.

Doug and his wife Kristina moved back to the Copper Country in 2000, working for a local Systems Integrator providing project management and information technology solutions to local businesses. Doug has been a member of the REMC1 SupportNet Team since 2006 where he is currently a Systems Engineer. When asked what he enjoys about working at REMC1, Doug replies, “I appreciate the fact that I have an opportunity to make a positive impact in our local schools and community. I especially enjoy working with teachers in the classroom, as I believe I am helping to contribute to the future of education.

Doug currently resides in Chassell with his wife Kristina and children Anika, Maija, and Kiefer and pet dog, Gracie. In his free time, Doug loves spending time with his family hiking, camping and just about any sports activity on the water.


Upcoming Events: Google PD


Google It
9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
November 19, 2015--CCISD
December 15, 2015--GOISD
Most of us have discovered how effective and convenient it is to browse the Internet with Google’s search engine but do all of us know that Google offers additional tools to maximize our online experience? In this session we will learn how to use Google’s web browser, Chrome, along with Google Calendar and Gmail.

Google Facelift
1 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
November 19, 2015--CCISD
December 15, 2015--GOISD
Good teachers know that the classroom, the physical learning environment, must be conducive to learning. That is why they spend time planning, organizing and furnishing their classrooms. These same preparations should also be done for your online/digital learning environment! This session will teach you how to use some of Google’s education tools such as Google Classroom and Sites to create the digital face of your classroom!

Each session is worth 3 SCECHs! Follow the link to register: Google PD registration


TRIG PD Offerings

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Follow this link: TRIG PD Offerings to learn more about Free PD offerings provided from TRIG through the SPOT device purchasing program value adds.


Did You Know...

Virtualizing a server

... that REMC now hosts more than 120 virtual servers for our district members, providing cost effective, scalable, data center services with power and environmental control redundancies in a high-availability environment with both server and data storage redundancy.

... that REMC also provides business continuity and disaster recovery services for both the hosted virtual servers as well as more than 40 district hosted servers, ensuring data security and recovery even in catastrophic situations. Our backup services protect more than 100 million files.


Teacher's Corner

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Check out these 80+ online tools, references, and resources provided by edutopia: edutopia


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Holiday Closures - The REMC1 office will be closed on Thursday, November 26th and 27th in observance of Thanksgiving.

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