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Mid October 2018 || issue #73
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Deanna Ruggiero

[Deanna graduated from Peabody HS in May. She played soccer in the fall and ran track in the winter and spring. She attacked her high school sports with enthusiasm and focus –"From playing in the D1 North Finals to competing at States and other invitational track meets, I enjoyed my 4 years of athletics at PVMHS.”

She graduated with an academic rank of #7 in class of over 400. Next stop academically and athletically – Babson College.]

GTD: Deanna, how many summers did you train in Coach Braz’s program? What got you started doing it?
Deanna: I trained in Coach Braz's program for 8 years now, starting when I was 10. My soccer coach, Mario Alves, suggested this training to our team, so we all started doing it together.

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GTD:How does the program help you?
Deanna: Specifically for this year, I was training for college soccer, and all of Coach Braz's exercises and drills help both in the physical and mental aspects of conditioning. For athletes like myself, Coach Braz designs specific days during camp that are geared towards soccer, so all of the explosive speed drills with the ladders and mini hurdles help tremendously.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?
Deanna: It is very easy for me to focus during the drills, no matter how difficult they may be, because I love being there with my teammates and other athletes who push me.

GTD: Are there any drills you love? Do not love at all? Why?
Deanna: Personally, my favorite drills involve the agility ladders. Another one of my favorite parts of camp is the core sessions we do with Coach Zack!

GTD: How do you handle nutrition on Brazcamp mornings?. It’s the heat of summer, you’re starting at 9am and you 90 intense minutes of work.
Deanna: As an athlete, it's important for me to stay hydrated, not only the morning of, but days before. I usually wake up an hour and a half before camp to drink and eat. Before camp I am not a big eater, so I usually have a protein or granola bar.

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GTD: Do you plan to play a sport in college?
Deanna: I am playing soccer at Babson College, something I am super excited for!

GTD: Do you know yet what you’ll focus on in college? A major? Long range plans after college?
Deanna: As for my education at Babson, I will be double concentrating in Finance and Economics, as well as a minor in Italian. While I am there, I hope to study abroad and explore the different clubs and activities my school has to offer.

I just want to say GTD is the best program in our area in every aspect of training and conditioning. Coach Braz and his staff will do anything to watch us athletes succeed, no matter the circumstance. I feel that as a college athlete I am prepared for my preseason, thanks to this camp.

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Nicole Ruggiero

[Nicole graduated from Peabody HS in May and headed to Lasell College where she’ll play soccer and run track. She played soccer and ran track for four years at Peabody. She writes that “sports have always been a huge part of my life, both watching and playing. Going the Distance camp is the best decision I have ever made, helping me in both my high school and college sports. The staff is fantastic and really helps you with individual strengths and weaknesses, which has made me love the camp even more!”]

GTD: Nicole, how many summers have you trained in Coach Braz’s program? What got you started doing it?
Nicole: I have been doing Coach Braz’s summer program for 8 years, starting when I was 10 years old.

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GTD: How does the program help you?
Nicole: It keeps me in shape for the summer and helps me prepare for the soccer season with drills that help with speed, agility, endurance, and some weightlifting/core work after.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?
Nicole: I imagine game-like situations like racing for a ball and also just power through to the next break or station.

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GTD: Are there any drills you love? Do not love at all? Why?
Nicole: I like them all, especially the agility ladders and minihurdles, each drill unique to special muscle groups and different parts of the body.

GTD: How do you handle nutrition on Brazcamp mornings?. It’s the heat of summer, you’re starting at 9am and you 90 intense minutes of work.
Nicole: I drink lots of water the day before Braz camp and eat very light before going to camp. I always eat after camp, also drinking water and other things that help me recover from intense training.

GTD: Do you plan to play a sport in college?
Nicole: Yes, I am playing soccer as well as running track.

GTD: Do you know yet what you’ll focus on in college? A major? Long range plans after college?
Nicole: Exercise Science Major, going into Occupational Therapy, get a master’s degree, and working at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Some College Race Results

Stonehill College takes great advantage of Fernando Braz’s summer xc conditioning program. Last summer, 5 Stonehill runners joined the GTD summer program. Stonehill xc captain Riley Dowd talks about the positive effect in an interview with Jean DePlacido in a recent issue of The Salem News. . “I trained with coach (Fernando) Braz at Going the Distance all summer along with two guys on my team, who are from Melrose. Those workouts really paid off for all of us.”

At the New England Championship on October 6 in Franklin Park, in the varsity 8k, Riley Dowd (Stonehill) ran 25:52, Kevin Wheelock (Stonehill) 26:14, Shane Braz (Stonehill) 26:47, and Joe Forest (Merrimack) 27:05. In the women's varsity 6k, Tia Foglietta (Merrimack) ran 19:00 and Sarah Freeman (Bryant) 21:33. In the women's open 5k, Tia Patterson (BC) ran 19:00. In the men's open 8k, Drew Fossa (UMass/Lowell) ran 26:57 and Sean Conlan (Stonehill) 27:52.

Sydney Packard (WPI) is continuing her strong xc season. On 9/22, she was sixth in 23:04 at the Purple Valley XC Invite 6K at Williams College. On 10/13, Sydney ran 22:17 at the Connecticut College XC Invitational 6K. She was 12th out of 307 finishers.

At the James Earley Invitational 8K at Stanley Park on 10/6, Jason Karakaedos was 4th in 25:51. Patrick Carleton (Worcester State) was 13th in 26:33. Jason was 28th out of 402 finishers in 25:43 at the Connecticut College 8K.

On 9/29 at the Saratoga (NY) Invitational 8K, Reed Dolan (Vassar) ran 26:55 and Anthony Pizzo (Franklin Pierce) 27:10. Reed ran 26:50 at the Rowan Inter-Regional Border Battle 8K in Logan Twp, NJ, on 10/13.

At the Pop Crowell Invitational on 9/22 at Gordon College, Emma Johnson (Endicott) ran 26:10 in the 6K, and Tyler Thornton (Endicott) 30:18 in the 8K.

Emily DeMarco (Boise State) ran 18:49 at the Charles Bowles Invitational.5K in Salem, Oregon, on September 29.

Please do NOT hesitate to send me your results to include in The Little Things.
Send to dave@liveandrun.com.


Some High School Race Results

Frank Kelley Invitational, Wrentham, September 29

Boys 5K Championship
Ryan Buchanan 17:49, Jett Stad 17:59, Matt Davidson 18:19, Antonio Craveiro 18:27, Jacob Farhat 19:10

Boys 5K D1
Ethan Snook 17:48, Noah Roan 18:15, Cam Rich 18:28, Noah Christopher 18:42, Ryan Nagy 19:11, Alex Lee 19:37, Trevor Smith 19:38

Boys 5k D2
Sean Kay 15:59 (2nd fastest time of the day), Billy Beauregard 17:59

Boys 3K D1 Grades 9-10
Sam Izzo 12:44, Gabe Gitonga 13:12G
Boys 3K D2 Grades 9-10
Ethan Tran 12:31, Charlie O'Hare 13:51

Girls 5K Championship
Victoria Lombardi 21:20, Sarah Enes 21:37, Alexandra Barrett 22:07, Shannon O'Connell 22:12, Emily MacDonald 22:22, Lilly Brennan 23:05

Girls 5K D1
Caroline Johnson 21:28

Girls 5K D2
Brie Passatempo 22:48, Annie Olsen 23:16

Girls 3K D1 Grades 11-12
Kelsey Seamans 11:56 (2nd place), Janessa Nault 12:43, Sophia Beland 12:53, Lexi Bettencourt 13:02, Jessica Freeman 13:57, Aidan Bowler 14:15, Olga Gorman 15:17
Girls 3K D1 Grades 9-10
Lily Angluin 12:22, Isabelle Carleton 12:27, Riley Bowen 13:26, Asia Waitekus 13:31, Jolene Murphy 13:50, Cassia Picardy 14:10, Alicia Beland 16:10
Girls 3K D2 Grades 11-12
Nicole Johns 13:33, Joy Wambui 13:53

In future issues we'll have Divisional (November 10) and All-State (November 17) results, and perhaps some Conference results and others.


And they persist

Fernando Braz coaches a large group of runners who persist in running after their scholastic "careers" are over. Some of the best post-scholastic GTD runners never ran in high school or college. How many of the GTD scholastic runners will persist? We hope they all do.

Glenn Simm ran 3:40.11 at the Wineglass Marathon on 9/29, ripping 19 minutes off his previous marathon in 2015. Glenn was 19th in the 55-59 age group and earned a Boston Qualifier. Meanwhile, Tina Dowling ran Chicago in 3:13.29 on 10/7, good for 4th in the 50-54 age group.

Karen Durante -- virtually unbeatable in the region in her age group -- decided to run in Eliud Kipchoge's race on 9/16. It was the Berlin Marathon. He ran 2:01.39.
Karen had a good day. Eliud set a world record.


Personal Coaching with Coach Braz

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