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It's not often that I have to shelve what I've written and replace it with what's going on real-time. But that's what happened today, after PM Netanyahu's incredibly creative presentation of Iranian deception. Yes, the nuclear threat is very real, and no, it's not going away anytime soon. It's unclear what then-President Obama was thinking - I'm sure you have your own theory on this - but what we do know is that thanks to Israel, the free world now holds in its hands irrefutable evidence that Project Amad is very real.

And while we analyze the serious, responsible response to take, here's a good joke you can share as well - straight to the point.

We hope and pray that our leaders have the tools to do right for the entire world facing this Iranian threat. May you have the patience and wisdom as well.

Warmest regards from Israel.

Ruthie and Sarah and the whole team


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