"UNTIED KINGDOM" - painted steelmesh 2014 Internationally renowned UK artist (Scottish) David Begbie has created a new sculpture in response to the t

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"UNTIED KINGDOM" - painted steelmesh 2014


Internationally renowned UK artist (Scottish) David Begbie has created a new sculpture in response to the turmoil about Scotland's fight for independence this week.


"UNTIED KINGDOM" 2014, painted steelmesh, unique sculpture. 95 x 60 x 20 cm

The artist himself, an Edinburgh-born Scot, lives and works in London. The abstract transparent distorted painted steelmesh sculpture expresses his views on how this historical event has screwed up politics and turned the UK political scene on its head in a way that none of the UK countries ever imagined it could.


"It's in the bag - maybe ..."

His crumpled "Union Flag" (which is based on the one originally introduced by way of a Royal decree on 12 April 1606 by James I of England who was also James VI of Scotland) contains only the English and Scottish flags in its design and precedes the Union Flag or Union Jack we know today. This Scot says "Maybe it's time for the Scots to finally put their money where their mouth is and vote for independence. Whether this will actually happen remains to be seen this week. With everything that's happened in the last few days it could be that it's in the bag - maybe...".


David Begbie's mesh Sculpture is internationally renowned, particularly his figurative work, incorporating dynamic shadow projections as an integral component of each sculptural composition. He will be exhibiting his artwork including "UNTIED KINGDOM" at the forthcoming Edinburgh Art Fair with English art gallery Number Nine the Gallery, UK and also will exhibit his steel panel portrait of Robert Burns, Scotland's most famous poet with ARTRUIST, Edinburgh, in February 2015 at the Burns Birthplace Museum, Ayr, Scotland… English-Scottish borders permitting that is!
More info about the artist: www.davidbegbie.com

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