News & Quick-bits: 13 September 2017 Sandra’s Irritable Bowel Remedy Sandra would always bloat as the day progressed. Breads and fatty foods, especi

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News & Quick-bits: 13 September 2017


Sandra’s Irritable Bowel Remedy

Sandra would always bloat as the day progressed. Breads and fatty foods, especially, worsened her discomfort. Read how homeopathy helped her IBS and reduced the bloat. Read more | Comment

Digestive Problems

Homeopathy for Better Digestion

Suffering from the stomach flu, diarrhoea, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease or haemorrhoids? Here's some helpful pointers for case taking, potency selection and more. Read more | Comment


Study: Homeopathy & Menopause

70% of patients treated with homeopathy for symptoms such as hot flushes, profuse sweating, mood swings, irritability and sleep disturbances reported improvement. Read more | Comment


Evidence of Homeopathy

11 meta-analyses and 7 systematic reviews provide a bedrock of evidence for the safe and effective treatment of health problems by homeopathy. Take a look..
Read more | Comment

Ten Percet

This Week's Special - 10% Off Everything!

Save 10% across all products until midnight, 18th September, 2017. Just enter the code HP523 into the Voucher and Coupon field at the checkout Special ends midnight on Monday, 18th September, 2017 (UTC/GMT -8 hours). Read more


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Dogs Life

A Dog’s Life - Molly's Remedy

Just like us, dogs suffer from emotional and physical health problems. Fortunately, homeopathy treats them, too. Read and watch the video about a mangy, anxious, and smelly dog. Read more | Comment

Magic Pills

Magic Pills Film Update

Ananda More hopes her new film 'Magic Pills' will act as a catalyst for increased awareness about homeopathy. Read her latest update on where and when we can expect to see it. Read more | Comment

Case Studies

Homeopathy for Infected Wounds

Five case reports tell how homeopathy met the challenge of infected wounds, lacerations, bites, cellulitis, and more. Just what we need in these days of increasing antibiotic resistance.
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In Praise of Homeopathy

Pharmacist James McMurray uses homeopathy in a community pharmacy to help others with it - just as it helped him. He tells why he chooses homeopathy.
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