August 18th, 2017

As most of you already know, a wave of asylum seekers have jumped the Canadian border from the U.S. in recent weeks without passing through an official border crossing and have landed in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC.

It is estimated that close to 7,000 individuals have crossed into Quebec in the last 6 weeks alone, most of whom are originally from Haiti. Haitians in particular are crossing in significant numbers in response to the announcement that their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the U.S. is set to expire in January 2018.

According to the “Safe Third-Country Agreement” if someone is making an asylum claim in the U.S., they cannot make the same claim in Canada. In spite of this, a number of individuals and families have taken to travelling to the U.S.-Canada border by taxi and walking over on foot in the hopes of claiming asylum in Canada regardless.

Canadian Government's Response:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau originally took to Twitter last winter to say that Canada is open to refugees, tweeting "#WelcometoCanada."

More recently, however, he has spoken out to reassure Canadians that the government is properly processing all of the new arrivals. He is also urging potential asylum seekers to respect the border checkpoints and border controls that Canada has and to go through the standard processes since they will have to follow these eventually. In spite of this, many continue to pour across the border on foot.

Click here to watch a recent video where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers questions regarding the asylum seekers in Quebec.

Striking a Balance // Compassion & Security:

It is heartbreaking to imagine being without a country to call home. Asylum seekers are often separated from their family and friends, bringing with them only what they can fit in a single suitcase. Canada has an incredible opportunity to show these individuals compassion and love.

At the same time, border security and immigration are significant aspects of our security as a nation, necessary for the protection and benefit of those already living in Canada as well as those hoping to make this country their home.

Our government officials are now challenged to strike the appropriate balance between showing compassion to those in need and preserving the security of our borders, all while giving respect and preference to those coming to Canada through the proper channels.

Our Response // What We Can Do:

1) Prayer:

Please join us in praying that immigration officials and leaders would strike this balance between compassion and security. Pray that the Government and media would proclaim the truth about Canada's asylum and immigration policies so as to deter unnecessary risk-taking and federal/provincial costs. Please pray especially that the Church would use this opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show the love of God to those who are in need.

2) Get Involved to Help Practically:

Asylum seekers are being temporarily housed in a makeshift tent village near the Canada/U.S. border as well as at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

If you are wanting to help donate items to help with the practical needs that these individuals have at this time here are a few options.

MCI Church In Montreal

MCI is a church which is located very close to where many of the asylum seekers are being housed. This church is vibrant and also has a large Haitian population in the congregation.

To visit this church website and make a donation please click here. // Direct donation link.

Red Cross

You can also give through the Canadian Red Cross who have taken over the on-site logistics of running the tent village (providing beds, food, hygiene kits and medical help).

You can donate now by visiting

3) Share the Gospel:

Canada has welcomed thousands of new neighbours in recent months including Syrian and Yazidi refugees and now the Haitian asylum seekers. Many of them have never heard that Jesus loves and died for them.

Let us use every opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus with those we encounter in our networks and day-to-day living and to truly be His hands and feet to those who are in need today.

God Bless You and God Bless Canada!




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