"When I was moving, I could feel"

(Pina Bausch)

Dear dancer


Once, on a barefoot forest walk, a young girl asked me about meditation – how you meditate and what kinds of meditation there are. So, of course I added movement meditation to the list and we spoke about really paying attention to the sensations in our feet as we navigated the path which was at times rocky and dotted with prickly bark and sticks, at other times delightfully squishy cold and wet mud. And it made me think of how good and at the same time how challenging it can be to practice this simple meditation of paying attention to what is there, to what our body communicates to us through our senses, to what the heart is whispering… how easily we get distracted, in no small part of course due to all the stimuli constantly around us and to the time we spend engaging with computers, cellphones, etc where much is about immediacy without presence and where only a very limited part of our senses is being stimulated and asked to engage.

Movement Medicine, at its very heart is a mindfulness meditation, a way to be present more fully to the fullness of who we are in each moment. A way to listen, to put our ear close to the ground of our being and to translate the sensations, feelings, thoughts we receive into embodied expression.
When I return again and again to the basic practices of Movement Medicine, for example Awakening the Dancer (which you will have experienced if you have ever tried Movement Medicine), I am so often surprised at how immediately ‘effective’ a tool it is. Without adding any specific process or focus, it moves so much from the depths of my being to the surface.


What I found that day in the forest and what I often find when I walk, dance, move with awareness in my body, is a kind of spaciousness from which ideas, creativity, new energy flow… and of course alongside, a deep appreciation and awe of life in all its precious beauty- both the life within myself and all around- arises. And that is the nectar that gives me energy, courage and strength to get through the week, to feel and engage with all the suffering, injustice and terror that is also part of the world we live in, without drowning in overwhelm or despair or simply staying numb.

Wishing you connection to the aliveness of your own being.
Until we next meet on a dancefloor,

PS: Not long now till the next Moving into Connection events in Cape Town. All info below. If you want to join for Nourish, there is still some space and the early bird expires tomorrow (15th May).


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Join us on Monday 27th (18.30-20.00) at the Body Intelligence Studio in Noordhoek for a dance to celebrate the preciousness and variousness of life in movement! Everyone welcome

Bookings: R110 (R90 concessions) if pre-booked. Please book in advance here R140 on the door.


Poetry in Motion

The Meaning of Existence

Everything except language

knows the meaning of existence.

Trees, planets, rivers, time

know nothing else. They express it

moment by moment as the universe.

Even this fool of a body

lives it in part, and would

have full dignity within it

but for the ignorant freedom

of my talking mind.

(Les Murray)

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