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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Summer Sunday Worship: Join us Online at 9:30 am!

Zoom Fellowship: 9:00 am

Grab your coffee and sign-in to Zoom at 9:00 for our first weekly LIVE Sunday morning fellowship time
Meeting ID: 520 433 5922
Or Join by Telephone: 1 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 520 433 5922

Worship Online at the LELC YouTube Channel. Click here.

Worship will be posted by Sunday Morning and can also be accessed from, and our Facebook Page.

Worship on the Telephone at 833-273-2540

Simply dial in and listen to LELC's worship service! This is a toll free number.

This Week, Worship Includes:

▪ Children's Word Time with Pastor Martha
▪ Scripture Read by Karen Odegaard
▪ Special musical offerings by our church musicians
Children's Word Time with Pastor Martha
Scripture Read by Karen Odegaard
Special musical offerings by our church musicians

You will find worship on: YouTube,, and on our Facebook Page.

Online Worship Dates Revised

For the health and safety of our community of faith, the church council has made the decision to offer online worship temporarily instead of gathering physically on Sunday mornings in the church building. At this time, worship will be offered online through June 30th. The council will continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate as is prudent.

De Pikkeling - harvesting the grain the traditional way - Meldert 4 - 2018

2nd Sunday After Pentecost

The Gospel for this Sunday:

Matthew 9:35--10:23

Anointed for Ministry

Moses tells the Israelites that they are called to be a priestly kingdom and a holy people. Jesus sends out the disciples as laborers into the harvest. In baptism we too are anointed for ministry, sharing God’s compassion with our needy world. From the Lord’s table we go forth to proclaim the good news, to heal the sick, and to share our bread with the hungry.


Sanctuary Decorations


Thank you to the Sunday School children for making the green chains decorating our chancel, and thank you to Jan & Milan Summ for putting up the chains for our decorations during the summer.

Worship via Telephone or DVD

phone dvd

Worship With LELC on the Telephone!

You can call in and listen to LELC worship on your phone! Any kind of phone will work. Call 1-833-273-2540. This is a toll free number.

Worship on DVD

If online worship is difficult for you, or if you don't have the technology for online worship, you may still be able to watch our worship videos! We are able to provide our worship services on DVD. If you have a DVD player connected to your TV, you can pop in the LELC worship DVD and watch it like a movie DVD. Please contact Chris Anderson in the church office at
608-222-7339 ext. 22; or email Chris at

Your Offerings: Mail In or Give Online

offering plate

Click Here for Online Giving

Please remember that you have the option of making your weekly offerings online at the Online Giving link above. You are also welcome to mail your offerings to the church at 4032 Monona Dr. Madison, Wi 53716. Church staff is monitoring mail, phone messages and email messages. Your mailed offerings will be received safely.
Thank you!

Here to Help

Martha Butzier

If there are things you need help with during the time of social distancing, please let Pastor Martha know. No problem is too big or too small. She is available by phone 734.883.4564 or email She is pretty good at troubleshooting problems that arise. Call her. She would love to hear from you!

Finance Manager Position

open position

At LELC, we are seeking a new Part-Time Financial Manager. Our current Finance Manager, Linda Brown, will be leaving in July, If you know of anyone that might be interested and has accounting experience, please contact Dale Dull,

2020 Graduates

graduation-3649717 1920

Dear Lake Edge family,
We would like to recognize our 2020 high school and college graduates!

Please send an email to the Membership Support Mission via, and include the following:

Name of graduate
Future plans


Zoom into Sunday Morning Fellowship!


The congregation is invited to a weekly Zoom meeting on Sunday mornings at 9 AM

The details to join the meeting are as follows:
You can attend by computer or smartphone with video and audio, or you can just phone in with the number below.

To Join the Zoom Meeting by smart phone or computer, click on the line directly below this line.
Meeting ID: 520 433 5922

If you are joining by phone use the number just below this line.
1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

If you have questions, please call me at church or here is my cell phone number 734.883.4564.


Doing the Most Good 2020 Summer Red Kettle Campaign

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July 30, 2020 at Metro Market

Every year, The Salvation Army helps nearly 30 million people; roughly one person per second!
One hour shifts. Please contact Chris Maloney to sign up for one of the shifts below.
To sign-up or for questions contact Chris Maloney: 608-358-5248 or

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

In Our Prayers

prayer-1308663 1920

Please pray for:

those who grieve including: the families of Ed Fredrichs, Brian Liddicoat , Hunter Kottke, Lisa Swan Meyers and Nancy Schultz;

those who are ill, hospitalized, recovering, or who are in special need of a healing touch from God, including: Jan Johnson, Kathy Simmons, Terry & Rose Mary Jackson, Shirley Boettcher, Debbie Staffeld, Rod Nordby, Kathleen Berkley, Du Wayne Zimmermann, Don Small, Del Jasper, Marilyn Jerrick, Christine Thompson, LaJeane Hettrick, Ken Neundorf, Wesley Simmons, Gabe Blood, Doug Siebert, Lisa Pietrowiak, Jim Jerney, Ken Jackson, Lorraine Hansen, Casimir Brandon, Nancy McFadden, Tony Paulson, Judy Fritz, Bette Paulson, Audrey Simonson, Wes Stiemke, Judy Kollath, Joyce Narveson, Albert Singer;

our neighborhood church partners: Lake Edge United Church of Christ, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church, Monona United Methodist Church, Lakeview Moravian Church, Zion Lutheran Church, and Plymouth UCC;

our synod and national church staff; our sister congregation, Cristo Rey, El Salvador; our companion church, The Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church in India; and our ELCA partners in the Caribbean Synod and the Slovak-Zion Synod

Elections, Lawsuits, and Voting Rights in the Time of Pandemic: Where We've Been and What Lies Ahead for Wisconsin


Attribution: Alpha Stock Images

A webinar presented by the Wisconsin Interfaith Voter Engagement Campaign

Monday June 15, 2020, 7 p.m.

RSVP by June 12

Click Here to Register

As November’s monumentally important election approaches, litigation addressing voting rights and election administration will proliferate. This year, due to Wisconsin’s spring election coinciding with the initial restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, lawsuits began earlier and more aggressively than anticipated. A federal judge extended some deadlines pertaining to the April 7 spring election, the state supreme court rejected attempts to avoid in-person voting while the state was shut down, and several court cases that could impact the partisan primaries in August and the general election in November are being actively litigated.

Madison-based attorneys Jeff Mandell and Doug Poland have represented parties in litigation involving the purge of registered voters from the poll books, the voting procedures for the April 7 election, and are now representing parties seeking to secure a fair, accessible, and safe vote for Wisconsin voters in August and November. Jeff and Doug will share an update on election litigation, discussing the various lawsuits that have been filed, what has been decided, what is yet to be decided, and other disputes on the horizon that could impact the coming elections.

Doug Poland is a Member of Rathje Woodward, and the founding member of the firm's Madison office. Doug has more than 25 years of significant experience in class action, mass tort, product liability, and consumer fraud, and voting rights and election litigation matters. Doug served as co-lead trial counsel for plaintiffs who successfully challenged the Wisconsin Assembly legislative districts before three-judge federal panels in 2012 and 2016. Doug serves as counsel to plaintiffs in two lawsuits that obtained extensions of the deadline for absentee ballot returns in the 2020 Wisconsin spring general election, and who now seek relief with respect to the August and November elections. Doug also represents the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in opposing the attempt to purge hundreds of thousands of registered Wisconsin voters from the poll books.

Jeff Mandell is a partner at Stafford Rosenbaum, where he leads the firm’s practice groups dedicated to litigation, appellate, and election and political law. Jeff maintains a broad litigation and appellate practice and appears frequently before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He was lead counsel to the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and others in challenging the constitutionality of the Legislature’s December 2018 extraordinary session. He represents the Service Employees International Union and some of its members in opposing the attempt to purge hundreds of thousands of registered Wisconsin voters from the poll books. And he serves as co-counsel with Doug and others to plaintiffs seeking relief with respect to the August and November elections.

MOSES Information

MosesLogo 2c wtext

Lake Edge belongs to MOSES, and MOSES, located in Dane County, belongs to WISDOM, a statewide faith based criminal justice reform organization with affiliates all over the state.

MOSES is working effectively with reforms to the Dane County jail, including strong advocacy for alternatives to imprisonment including drug and mental health treatment and community restorative courts. (We hope to have a speaker at Lake Edge about community restorative courts after we get a vaccine for COVID-19 and can fully re-open.)

Before Governor Evers was elected, he took part in a forum set up by WISDOM, and attended by people from all over Wisconsin. At that time, he promised to reduce prison populations by sensible means that he has the power to do. Now, with prisons and jails becoming hot spots for the spread of COVID-19 to prisoners and the surrounding communities, this reduction is more important than ever. Yet Governor Evers has done much less than he promised. MOSES and WISDOM are organizing to let him know how much support there is for these urgent reductions. On June 18, there will be a “Drive to Decarcerate,” with people from many WISDOM affiliates driving to the Capitol to hold a rally on the lawn; then going to the governor’s mansion. In connection with this, we’ll write letters to the governor advocating for four actions the governor has the power to take, to drastically reduce the prison population.

You can write a letter to the governor using this sample letter Click here.
to help with the points we’re asking the governor to address.

If you want to join the car caravan to the capitol, meet in the parking lot at the corner of Park and Wingra Streets next Thursday, June 18, at 11:30 am.

If you have questions, please call Lucy, our Lake Edge liaison to MOSES, at 608-221-3258.

School Bags for Lutheran World Relief

schoolkit lwr

It is that time of year when your support is needed for filling school bags! If you are new to Lake Edge, this is an outreach project where you can help by filling school bags with specific items that go to children around the world so they are better able to participate in school. You purchase items from a list to fill the bags and then they get returned to church by the beginning of September. Box Car Loading Day is September 26 at the railroad yard where the bags are then shipped for distribution.
With church not currently open, the Peace and Justice Mission will drop one or more bags at your doorstep, or you may pick up from Joan Martin. There are 165 School Bags to be filled and the contents are the same as in previous years. The Contents you purchase and put in your School Bags are as follows: (To keep uniformity it is very important to not add any additional items.)

▪ 4 70-sheet notebooks of wide or college-ruled paper (8" x 10 1/2")
▪ 1 ruler (one side 30-centimeter or one side inches)
▪ 1 Pencil Sharpener
▪ 1 Blunt Scissor
▪ 1 Eraser
▪ 5 Unsharpened #2 Pencils with erasers
▪ 5 Ballpoint pens (blue or black ink-no gel ink)
▪ 1 Box of Crayons (16 or 24)
4 70-sheet notebooks of wide or college-ruled paper (8" x 10 1/2")
1 ruler (one side 30-centimeter or one side inches)
1 Pencil Sharpener
1 Blunt Scissor
1 Eraser
5 Unsharpened #2 Pencils with erasers
5 Ballpoint pens (blue or black ink-no gel ink)
1 Box of Crayons (16 or 24)

Can we fill 165 school bags during a pandemic when we are not meeting in person on a regular basis? Yes, we can!

To receive your bags, let us know how many you want by doing one of the following: Email or text Deb Jenson at (920-296-1688);
Call Joan Martin (608-444-2982); Call Sharon Kreul (608-222-7115)

Let us know when it’s ready for pickup and we will make arrangements to get it from you, or stay tuned as we move forward with future decisions on reopening the church building.
Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion.

The Peace and Justice Mission

Do the Six Things

1024px-Stop hand-octogon-red.svg

Help Stop Coronavirus

1 HANDS Wash them often
2 ELBOW Cough into it
3 FACE Don't touch it
4 MASK Wear it
5 FEET Stay more than 6 feet apart
6 FEEL sick? Stay home


See you at church!

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