SJT's top 10 travel tips

After spending two years or even more on a forced break from travel, SJT thought it would be a good idea to put together a few of the key things to think about before you hop on that plane!


1. Arrive 2 hours before your domestic flight and 3-4 hours before your international flight departure.
Allow a little extra travel to get to the airport too. How long you want to allow depends on how anxious a traveller you are... no judgement here!

Experience has shown that the least anxious travellers are 70% more likely to miss their plane... so a little nervousness is a good thing here!


2. Use online check in prior wherever possible.
This isn’t always an option for international flights but almost always can be done for domestic flights. If you prefer to check in at the check-in desk or at a terminal kiosk, make sure you are familiar with Tip #1 above...

And while many travellers prefer to do things old-school and avoid technology when travelling, keep in mind that an airplane cockpit is largely automated!


3. Take a print out of your International COVID-19 vaccination certificate with you, even if proof of vaccination isn’t required. You never know when you may need it.


4. Travel with carry-on luggage only whenever you can.

If you need to check in a suitcase, split your clothes across your carry-on and your checked luggage. Make sure medication and anything valuable or essential is packed in your hand luggage. And if you booked your international airfare with SJT, you have extra lost luggage insurance included as part of your booking!


5. For those headed on global adventures, make sure you have downloaded the Axus Travel App. It contains all your tickets and vouchers, plus will keep you updated while you travel with flight reminders, any schedule changes, which gate you’re departing from and more!

Once you have used this our app, you won’t be able to do without it!


6. Travelling to the USA? Don’t forget to print your ESTA approval and your completed Attestation form!
What’s an Attestation form? Don’t worry, you can print it off HERE.

As for ESTAs, remember that you need to complete it at least three working days prior to departure from Australia. For those who need it, the official ESTA link is HERE.


7. Travel insurance is a MUST! Make sure you not only have a policy but understand what it covers and who you need to contact in case you need assistance while you’re travelling. Yes, you’ll need your reading glasses for the fine print...


8. Be flexible and adaptable
Changes can and most likely will happen. But if you’ve booked with SJT, remember that Sonia is only a text or a Whatsapp call away in an emergency.


9. Keep your travel documents with you, especially your passport, at all times. Always put it in the same place, easily accessible and secured. Who has nervously rummaged through their bag only to finally find their passport shoved in their jacket pocket? (Eek, guilty as charged...)

10. Enjoy every single moment of your journey! It is wonderful to be back out in the world again, immersing yourself in the experiences, tastes, sights and sounds of foreign lands.

Safe travels!


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