Hi, After many months of caffeine-soaked coding sessions, we finally have released the nFlate platform. nFlate provides self-serve, cloud-based perso

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After many months of caffeine-soaked coding sessions, we finally have released the nFlate platform. nFlate provides self-serve, cloud-based personalized recommendations to an eCommerce sites visitors. Here's a summary of the platform. I've also included a short intro video below.


Recommendation Science as a Service

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Data science is hard, expensive and employees are scarce. Cost to build a recommendation science team would run in the millions. It takes a few years just to get a basic system in place, if you can find the right people. We put all the complex math in the cloud, crunch your data for you and deliver back beautiful personalized product recommendation carousels to your eCommerce sites.


Expected Revenue Lift - 20-50%


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It’s estimated that Amazon gets about a 35% increase in revenue due to its recommendation system. Research has shown that sites that use predictive personalization experience 20-50% better revenue performance. And with our machine learning algorithms, the more you use us, the smarter we get.


60 Second Install - Zero Configuration


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nFlate’s goal is simple - Plug & Play setup. Just add the app, widget or extension to your site. Once enough data has been collected and analyzed in the cloud, personalized product recommendation carousels appear automagically. Just sit back and enjoy revenue growth.


Deep Purchasing Behavior Analysis


nFlate looks at all of the details behind every user's behavior patterns as they relate to purchase decisions. We shake and bake this data in the cloud, allowing us to predict interests and dynamically deliver personalized recommendations.


Wide Variety of Recommendation Types


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Different data science works better for some products and customer types than others. nFlate offers numerous different recommendations to choose from, with choices like “People That Bought This Also Bought…”, “Currently Trending Items” and “Frequently Bought Together”.


Site-Matching Carousels


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nFlate product recommendation carousels always match a site’s stylesheet. They look like they belong there (vs. something that's about to fall off the page).

Again, with zero configuration required by the site owner.


Simple, Revenue-Focused Results Dashboard

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No complex spreadsheets or charts to decipher. Just a concise view of what’s working. Remember, we're working your data so you don't have to.


We've Made It Easy To Get Started

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With nFlate, you pay as you go. No minimums, no costly upfront integrations. Less than $.01 per personalized recommendation carousel delivered.


Free During Beta Period!

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We're still looking for a few more beta partners. We need data and case studies, so we're willing to offer free revenue lift during the beta period for those that sign-up in the next 60 days. Beta is expected to run through the end of September.


Getting Started:

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We've launched on the progressive Shopify platform first, but we will quickly follow with support for Magento, WooCommerce and others. The nFlate platform is web-tech, so if you're looking for a recommendations partner, don't hesitate to contact us, even if you "roll your own" site.

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